How Well Do You Know Jessica Simpson?

Carson Kressley, Lara Spencer and Amy Robach test their skills to see who knows the star best.
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Transcript for How Well Do You Know Jessica Simpson?
It's the ultimate jess test, in honor of jessica simpson being here. I know you have a great deal with weight watchers. How is that going? It is going amazing. I think weight watchers is one of the easiest, best lifestyle plans you can go to lose weight. You know what else helps? If you have a long mic. Yeah. Are you ready to be quizzed? My buzzer doesn't work. Oh, no. Then just raise your hand. All right? Make some noise. We've been talking about jessica's little girl, maxwell drew this morning. Who is she named after? Is it "a"? We haven't gotten to "c." Is it max factor? Nancy drew or her grandmother? Grandmother. I was supposed to use the buzzer. Nancy drew? What's the answer? Why don't you take the next one. All of the answer to be read. Okay. What is currently the most popular girl's name? Olivia? Emma? Or sofia? I'm going to say emma. Yes. What do I win? Kill the prompter. Carson's cheating. Here's another one for us. Here's another one for you. How many diapers does a baby go through in a year? Is it "a," 1,500, 2,900, or 1 million diapers? "C." I rang my buzzer first. Here's the deal. If you ring your buzzer before i totally read the question, you are not allowed to answer the question. It's very rude. Jessica, why don't you take this one? I'm sorry. What team was josh on when he was in college? Is it -- basketball? Cheerleading? Or water polo? Cheerleading. Cheerleading. No. You were a cheerleader? Yes, I was. You were? No. I was having a fun image in my head, though. Let that go. Let's see something -- look at you. At what major sporting event did -- do not, carson, touch that buzzer. Where did she sing "god bless america." The world series? The super bowl? Was it the nba finals? Super bowl. I wish. No. The nba finals. No. It was the world series. It was the world series. I knew it wasn't a football game. They only respect it when you read them. Take number six. Okay. I'm a huge tex-mex fan. Now that I'm on weight watchers, I have to be healthy about the things to choose. What are the healthiest things to order? Shrimp fajitas. Amy. That's the right answer. That's cheating. Guys, seriously. Seriously. I beg of you, don't ring the buzzer until the question's read. Here we go. One more. They say exhaustively in my ear. Let's take a look at little maxwell in her bikini. While I ask you this. What year did the bikini come out? 1926. Was it 1946? Was it 1966? And how cute is maxwell in the bikini? Maxwell is gorgeous. And it's "a." That's right. Amy robach. For all this fun and so much more, learn about jessica simpson on the jessica simpson app. I just launched today. Congratulations. It's a social media thing I'm doing. I'm communicating with my fans. Only here can you communicate. I know. Remember what a great co-host I was for the game show. Let's head outside for, in for sam champion today, ginger zee.

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{"id":17208521,"title":"How Well Do You Know Jessica Simpson?","duration":"3:00","description":"Carson Kressley, Lara Spencer and Amy Robach test their skills to see who knows the star best.","url":"/GMA/video/jessica-simpson-17208521","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}