JFK, Jr., Carolyn Bessette's Life Explored in Book

RoseMarie Terenzio details working with JFK, Jr. in "Fairy Tale Interrupted."
1:41 | 01/23/12

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Transcript for JFK, Jr., Carolyn Bessette's Life Explored in Book
John Kennedy Jr. and Caroline the -- the ultimate. Glamour couple paparazzi follow them everywhere until their tragic end and John and -- love stories at the center of a new book it's called fairy tale in erupted. -- rose marine to Lindsay one of John's closest confidant she's here live with us in the studio for gonna talk to her exclusively just a minute but first. Let's take a look back. He was the prince of Camelot and America's favorite son and they were American royal Saint John Kennedy Jr. and Caroline -- -- Living and killed in the -- ever in the spotlight for -- it's wonderful. But behind the scenes was an unlikely friend and confidant. Rose -- to Lindsay a girl from the Bronx stressed economic background his personal assistant she works side by side with John for years it isn't. Politics -- usual she was there for the launch of his magazine George. -- games for her birthday. That helped -- his super secret wedding to Carolyn becoming friends to her as well. So close she was staying in their apartment that fateful day. In 1999. -- now on the breaking news John F. Kennedy junior now twelve years after their deaths speaking out for the first time. To -- -- has written fairy tale interrupted. An intimate look at the extremely private power couple. Revealing the strains on their marriage. For Carolyn it was the perpetual onslaught from the paparazzi. And made an angry so he did state her a big deal so -- get on -- -- and sometimes that was hurtful. She writes that -- insensitivity was the biggest catalyst for their arguments and the mean of the press coverage got. The more Caroline retreated into herself. The process was heartbreaking to witness.

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{"id":15420164,"title":"JFK, Jr., Carolyn Bessette's Life Explored in Book","duration":"1:41","description":"RoseMarie Terenzio details working with JFK, Jr. in \"Fairy Tale Interrupted.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jfk-jr-carolyn-bessettes-life-explored-book-15420164","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}