Economy Created Over 200,000 Jobs Last Month

Jobs report better than analyst expected as more Americans go back to work.
1:03 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for Economy Created Over 200,000 Jobs Last Month
Big news out just this morning about the economy and hundreds of thousands of new jobs being created in recent weeks surpassing all expectations. ABC's beyond acknowledging it is here now with a closer look good morning to you beyond. Hey good morning justice is good news indeed the government says the economy created 200000 jobs last month. That's about 50000 more than analysts had expected meantime the unemployment rate dropped slightly to eight and a half percent the lowest level in three years. Now consider that since last June we've seen at least 100000 jobs created every month that -- a winning streak we haven't seen. Since back in 2006. Before the recession. So it's clear that consumers are spending more businesses are feeling more confident. And they're placing more orders -- manufacturers but we have to see more many more months of 200000 jobs created in order to put a real dent and that unemployment rate -- -- thing Josh. None of this takes into account the financial problems in Europe. As well as the tensions in the Persian gulf either one of those factors could be -- economic growth. That we're seeing right now so there's a lot of trepidation out there but this is good news and economists are happy with this this morning.

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{"id":15304895,"title":"Economy Created Over 200,000 Jobs Last Month","duration":"1:03","description":"Jobs report better than analyst expected as more Americans go back to work.","url":"/GMA/video/jobs-report-economy-created-200000-jobs-month-15304895","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}