Joel Osteen: 'Most People Desire to Have a Relationship with God'

Lakewood Church pastor, 'Break Out!' author details ways to overcome barriers.
3:00 | 10/04/13

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Transcript for Joel Osteen: 'Most People Desire to Have a Relationship with God'
-- I'm Byron Pitts and this is newsmakers for ABC news -- Yahoo! News I'm speaking with -- steam pastor at Lakewood church in Houston Texans -- author of the recently published book break out your new book is subtitled five keys to go beyond your barriers and live an extraordinary life. But -- one. But the -- things. Aren't our number one you believe bigger. The words we put allotted to limitations on ourselves we. Now think don't have the talent -- on the wrong nationality -- -- raised a good environment. That there's many times are barriers that are mine take it one is considered god not your circumstances. You know until I'm never gonna pay in the house soften it and he married -- -- -- -- just consider that even get to skirt so I encourage people to realize that god created the whole universe when you believe all things -- possible. Third one is pray god sized prayers lot of time would prefer the food we pray for protection. We don't pray for our dreams. I think god wants us to pray. You know it's not about I don't mean money in materialistic but god help -- to fulfill my purpose and maybe it's. Maybe it's a dream did you know of go to college or -- dream to start a business whenever it is time courage. For -- -- prayers fourth was keep the right perspective. Believe what we focus on what gets bigger title here -- with folks on the wrong things in the last what is simply don't make good enough because and a again it's about not getting stuck in a -- in life but. Knowing that god always -- system to grow to getting him to be you know increasing to. To get better at what we do so beyond your religion Europeans say what gives you. Well I think -- me hope it's seen my families my children's. You know some great people around me. What gives me hope and warms my heart it's a lot of the good in the world. -- you know yet people from. Different walks of life -- -- each other strangers nothing I think just the goodness of mean cash and gives me hope and good. People are loving people want to help to people I've never seen that speak different languages. In general I think there's common bond of you know what were all -- -- God's image. What do you say to those -- signal the world isn't very -- and strong and in Syria Egypt. Can apologists encourage people of from a person of faith to know that god has just in the palm of his hand I think that you cannot. You know let where you are today cautioned against because the flip side is -- you're gonna get negative in bitter in his control in more. Negativity that you gotta get up and say okay this is where in its not a surprise to go autumn will be -- best right now. Times may be tough but -- have a good attitude I'm will be good to somebody else -- Do my best to keep a smile on my face that they collect what faith is all about it in those difficult times so you don't want I don't feel like it but -- we'll have the right. For those who would say all but -- he wrote to look and fellow ministry beautiful wife great kids straight Stanley doing well financially that's easy for you this. It is but I believe Barron is it and I'm not saying this. Dick Cook I'm not saying it's easy for these people to do and and you know some of those -- I've never walked again so I don't discount it but. I just believe I've seen the power of faith in the goodness of god to take people that. We're suffering and were treated wrong and unfair situations and they -- -- -- they kept plugging away they kept doing good school that kept going to that job and you know what supernatural there was a break -- a great opportunity and -- just -- companies think that's the goodness of god but they passed the test right where they are -- They -- big test in -- we all face on -- on a regular basis is that discouragement test. Because dreams don't come to pass and we face a disappointment -- that wasn't fair and you know life's not always fair but I believe if you keep doing the right thing god we'll get to that we are supposed to be candidate could purchase a virtuous person who's not Christian gonna have. You know what what I believe the Christian faith teaches the Bible teaches is that when you have a relationship with Christ. He received his salvation that's the guarantee for going to heaven. You know is Faris who gets in heaven I don't I can't be the -- -- you know cause him that question comes up there are good people there are different religions I just thank god that I'm not the one that has to choose -- gets to gets to decide.

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{"id":20473576,"title":"Joel Osteen: 'Most People Desire to Have a Relationship with God'","duration":"3:00","description":"Lakewood Church pastor, 'Break Out!' author details ways to overcome barriers.","url":"/GMA/video/joel-osteen-people-desire-relationship-god-20473576","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}