Joplin, Mo., Family Awarded 'GMA' Home Makeover

"GMA", "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" help family affected by large tornado.
2:53 | 10/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joplin, Mo., Family Awarded 'GMA' Home Makeover
Today's big moment has arrived move that -- time to Amazon's -- -- top serie a city with homes schools and buildings fresh -- -- -- today. But -- in hopes weren't crushed Joplin is rebuilding and a mobile going to be the family's gonna get a little help. From the all star crew of extreme makeover home edition let's learn a little bit about. Yeah. -- may 22. Dollars and 111 of the most destructive tornadoes in history is building that out of Joplin Missouri population 50000 directly in its path. Suddenly the twister over a mile wide and wrapped in rain -- down. -- -- -- The tornado didn't have to destruction as 200 mile an hour winds to air through. This video from inside a convenience store. Captures the moment it strikes. 162. Are dead badly separated news. Schools and businesses destroyed. I arrived just hours later and witnessed the chaos and devastation. Firsthand just take a look at right around as there are at least six cars smashed into a ball here you can see a break coming through the door and then look at how the -- just riddled -- -- to look like it was shot out. By a machine gun drive over the top of that -- -- the top three buildings -- saint John's hospital there completely blown out. This is Joplin five months later and a lot of the debris has been cleared away there are signs of rebuilding but what of the images that stuck with me. With saint John's mercy hospital. Still today. Battered and empty when the EF five tornado hit Kyle Howard was -- Joplin firefighter on duty. His wife Jill and their four young boys were alone in the family's home and the hours tick by in the -- -- -- aftermath. And -- was unable to find out what had happened to them. He didn't know they had miraculously survived finding shelter is the only area of the house left standing. A partial closet. News wars and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The tornado was on the ground for about twenty minutes. But it wiped out a quarter of the city is our house and even five months later the there's no escaping the memories and realize it's -- when people are pulling out of their way. In this it was costing him. Don't mean the -- that neighborly spirit has led the way in this town's recovery. High school reopened in August new jobs are finally developing families like -- -- are starting to rebuild one step at a time. Where we -- in GMA along with extreme makeover home edition is about to give that power to surprise they will never forget.

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{"id":14768354,"title":"Joplin, Mo., Family Awarded 'GMA' Home Makeover","duration":"2:53","description":"\"GMA\", \"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition\" help family affected by large tornado.","url":"/GMA/video/joplin-mo-family-awarded-gma-home-makeover-14768354","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}