Josh Powell Explosion: Questions About 911 Operator

Chris Cuomo reports on questions surrounding Josh Powell's tragic decision.
2:29 | 02/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Josh Powell Explosion: Questions About 911 Operator
Questions in the Powell family tragedy and whether more could have been done to stop Josh -- from killing his son's. His sister speaking at an exclusive interview with -- ABC news we're gonna get that in just a minute. The first one to 28 and Chris Cuomo is in Graham Washington right now with the latest good morning Chris. Good morning George as shocked begins to fade. New details and questions are emerging could more have been done to solve Susan Powell's case could her two little boys. Have been saved. Why did it take almost seven minutes 4911 dispatcher to take a caseworkers please seriously. And have to respond to emergency life threatening situation for OPEC could be like. ABC news has learned nearly 22 minutes passes from the time the frantic call was made until a deputy finally arrives at Powell's house far too late to stop Powell's murderous inferno. -- -- By that time the caseworker has called 911 again this time reporting the explosion she was lucky to survive her thoughts have been on Braden and -- ever since. She's. Very upset them and traumatize is that this is something that. There's going to be a life changing event for many to call. Another in a series of missed opportunities. Opportunities which began when Susan Cox Powell vanished in December 2009. Her husband Josh was the only person of interest but never charged despite promises Susan's family says that his arrest was imminent. It for two years her case was never called a murder. Have been treated like a homicide from the very beginning. We -- moved much quicker to obtain custody of these sports the attorney for Susan's parents chuck and Judy Cox says the suspicion and the custody battle finally became too much for Josh -- He was beginning perhaps too. Crack a bet under the pressure Susan's parents -- apparel only grew more paranoid and desperate. They believe he wanted custody of his sons for the worst possible reason you believe the boys restarted remember things. -- -- -- I had to see how anybody can not say that know what really happened that Josh is denial that that he would never heard his wife he never -- children is. A blatant -- The Cox certainly take solace in the knowledge that they believe that the two little boys are now with their mother and as for Josh Powell. The Cox firmly believes that when he basically decided to burn himself up in hellfire. It was an admission of guilt.

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{"id":15545530,"title":"Josh Powell Explosion: Questions About 911 Operator","duration":"2:29","description":"Chris Cuomo reports on questions surrounding Josh Powell's tragic decision.","url":"/GMA/video/josh-powell-explosion-questions-911-operator-15545530","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}