J.R. Martinez, 'DWTS' Finalists Take Your Question

"DWTS" champion, Ricki Lake and Rob Kardashian discuss experience on ABC show.
5:22 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for J.R. Martinez, 'DWTS' Finalists Take Your Question
We have some other messages out from our viewers a map and the first one goes to -- JR. And they say want to -- and she says JR do you plan on continuing dancing can answer that. I think you should be one of them who teaches the newcomers to sample. That's that's a bigger compliment but enjoyed an -- that we will -- of Katrina. From time to time just removed throw around -- -- we actually got one for Ricky from Gemma Potts is the question I know the dancing has changed your bodies but how is this experience affected your spirit. You know it's. I feel like I'm the every mom and 43 -- two children fourteen and ten and I feel -- and living up a fantasy of all those women out there that wish they could spend the time to learn to dance with Derek. On it's been amazing I really feel like -- my -- coming granite 43 to be doing that to be peaking at the right time you know it's really it's an amazing experience I'm very grateful to that it. -- world you have represented so well you really happy with that does that so excited for you and everyone else are proud. This is from -- shift healer she wants to know if there's any jealousy between you and Kim since you last that a lot. -- the self help. No jealousy immunized him he's rooting for me from day one I mean it's fun I do -- John. But generally lasted like -- -- -- theories. And I -- But. Definitely in the very pleased with how the five -- and. Where there are. Compared to a lot of the. Atlanta lot definitely I think -- hasn't -- -- -- questions we do rating among the Twitter right now this is from LaBelle 002. And this is for the stars so what is your favorite part of the week -- you get ready for those live performances. Little girl's remains for me the -- is their hair and makeup and wardrobe creating these characters every week with so much fun for me but obviously sweating it out Derek six hours today -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- I -- get. He showed little late because obviously -- skip all those for me it was just learning new legislator from Korean and -- a lot of laughter book -- clumsy people so we always tell a lie ahead I think. I think there were clubs to show rehearsal there was a lot of funny situations you got to start that whole process -- favorite part of the week. Prizes were rehearsals I mean I genuinely did -- kind of learning a new dance you start over every single Wednesday that's like the worst part of the week and -- you gotta learn a whole new dance again in four days but I enjoyed it. All right Carson you've got some questions from the audience -- I'll tell -- it was my favorite. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now the worst day is Tuesday because they you don't -- -- harmony what you learn about hot red light -- human French fry and their pounding of dropping like. Are they going home -- not -- -- luggage hasn't gotten off. -- -- we do have some questions from a live audience -- -- -- read write real. Re all -- twin -- from glass -- Connecticut tell you the question for Ricky so yes. Shoot. What was hardest dance -- amassed a season. Believe it or not -- -- the -- the woman did last night the second -- is my hardest week was weak for. And that was when I had my unflattering breakdown and I wish I could take that back but. That was the tough -- stance negative before the week before I had -- -- toll -- -- -- he'll lead and it was just very confusing. But that's the Argentine tango actually love that. That was really really fun. That's -- on -- Okay. At midnight one -- -- It's -- micron okay this is Victoria acre and -- from Birmingham Alabama writes. What's your question who's it for its -- JR even denying. And space and get this season and and aegis lending how long wish your longest rehearsal. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Twelve hour road I had some cash let me take little breaks -- enacted and I. Rehearsals yet that's. They know it's funny because -- you know we always went to Robin shows her leg you know they -- and -- and he's blessed to have -- -- -- let you know because you're always like you know mr. access to investigate yeah it's a bad. Your tactics to a I think now we definitely always do we take a break but it's a good decision -- and everyone -- -- -- -- -- -- -- his energy up and has the cool thing about it. It was then that there was never competitive amongst all three of us -- resolve fighting each year each other I heard you -- on -- the most that you guys growers of its fighters. That's -- can't -- -- and I hung up on the gay activist. Penny you have a little excited. We have a lot of -- that -- a lot of eight you would hide -- shoes and had his wounds Michael Schoen. Time two hours in -- -- two two hours he rehearsed in his locker -- Ed you that the findings that -- -- Although they rented dance again that's the look that good. -- -- break we'll see.

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{"id":15014692,"title":"J.R. Martinez, 'DWTS' Finalists Take Your Question","duration":"5:22","description":"\"DWTS\" champion, Ricki Lake and Rob Kardashian discuss experience on ABC show.","url":"/GMA/video/jr-martinez-dwts-finalists-question-15014692","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}