J.R. Martinez Wins 'Dancing With the Stars' 2011

Champion joins Ricki Lake, Rob Kardashian on "GMA" to discuss season 13 finale.
10:12 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for J.R. Martinez Wins 'Dancing With the Stars' 2011
-- -- -- Star's car. -- Okay. Congratulations to you all and isn't making the the -- out here and they -- -- really has. What I want our -- hour one hour. Have a park a car that got us here safely. You know he -- is that the safety briefing on the plane -- -- I've got us here I ever hear exactly. There's a whole thing is like it was like -- groups devoted. To art this is -- the moment after all those weeks what what went through your mind. -- -- that was I would that's of the Korean actually looked back it and that's that. I think it is Telus already he does seem like a moment was his lesson for everywhere they were like you know -- suspense but it's -- made that involving Clinton. It over -- about three months of war. And and after that -- -- goes up to go to hold it up with the -- the guys in the UK and creating new into the finals before but never got the trophy case it doesn't mean I think -- -- -- I have lost. We didn't. That it is an amazing he and I had a letter -- to spare him yeah to a watching that video right now. And obviously but I thought okay -- -- opening of JR. Could have put a lot and that's really the candidate and the strength of -- -- somehow I love doing right yeah. But we're these. -- you look amazing. You. I hung out with -- -- the transformation that there can have talked about the connecting the coolest thing the benefit of the dance floor. -- final stand not only -- Yeah. Talk about a doc -- about how life changing this -- help us understand. It's and the second journey it's such a process that you know I'm new states are -- up on TV and people seeing me in my hardships that this really is putting everything on the line your body is at its limit. You know your year you get -- -- tied up and it he knew you wanna win that you love note -- want -- like. You it's scary scary to do these news in France -- -- million people and you know -- for -- your stats is that do you think about time I'm really. So grateful I had the best partner I'm sorry guys. The man I really learned so much I respect him so much -- -- He made me look at every week you were in great hands -- there absolutely and they know that she was a bit nervous about the -- in the beginning. I -- the program -- I had had an in your choice hasn't. So -- who already. Yeah yeah as they -- You can do it -- and he did it and it can slow love you look at me I'm like says. Next fundraiser event doesn't seem really see my -- cases you know I'm and grounded and -- slipping -- and look at it right now. I'm Lisa that's fantastic -- just so proud so proud hey rob I have to say. -- Yeah I know we can get better and better and better you blew away the judges. And I'm unintentional said that's what you're. His whole journey has been so unique him just being looked to be apart. Rob chance for ancients really odd to me poor rob did have -- one special asset. I know I. I don't know I don't you know -- -- Whatever they -- -- -- doing Max -- hey -- got enough back there. -- can't keep sticking out till then you'll threat angle is it's tough dancing here with the -- -- come on here but stable. I had a good look at your -- Apparently my -- is the secret weapon in the samba. That's how do you tell enough handicap we do not sit on the. The we ruffle your sleeve Jim but -- smaller. -- The create -- -- also -- less lethal if you're gonna go all the way he was watching improv everywhere is that yeah well. I mean I literally did the best that I can do my book I literally can -- myself -- done any better. I want as far as I can go in you know -- deserves a trophy but we all worked so hard. So that we like we're all here together. You -- last night kept saying we love -- dancing. -- had a thousand because all have -- Oh yeah. And. -- dance we love watching you dance OK -- two peoples magazine's sexiest man right here. Are there that you the. And yes. How come -- violent them enough. I think I did assailant they -- about the -- are quite low. And -- because unless you're harness when the -- is in God's. That this innovate and I had to be to be listed as a means they have to think about a minute he is enough votes in my -- about it the first time. Thinking that there's no witness who live in this world. -- have a girlfriend never have. You know be accepted and to be listening -- minutes -- shows that. You know when you set yourself and you're you're comfortable being around him and -- moment. -- -- you are a lot from fellow veterans. The haven't heard a lot from it and efforts on that this doesn't Begin. You know a lot of grief room you know -- there's been very supportive and I think the reason -- is like obviously got some moves and we came back again yeah. Anybody who knows where videos and the -- though that there's announcement get a lot of support in just the fact that that the revolving of the -- of boisterous. You know our own category of people we know is that in -- in the region. And inspiration -- we've been able to do so much in the past. So this is -- isn't that don't have their message and and really lifted people out and support and have to say -- Everyone has always -- about to have a just so true you all for so supportive as a family and you have somebody there. Yet every single night yet that makes it so much easier for me like get my attention kind of away from the nerves and giving rise to just for them to be there is my -- there every single day so that means like a lot to me. How were you able because that was. You know a lot was said about cam how were you able to this focus and it was -- to -- Was there you know I mean it where like we always kindness Sam lane is how we've been brought -- there we're very -- -- that's all we kinda. Live so for them to be there just makes us all like happy and there -- very -- they have. A message for you think a -- -- -- Linux -- and he still beat him no matter what it. That we made it then any of us that could do -- -- and I think that's tired but. Still run left in the study -- did you -- crashing champion for life. All right. Ridiculously in this apartment. If Rick that we have a special message for you. Somebody that was there for you -- you're there for her when she was -- advancing. Interstate. -- You didn't win the mirror Obama didn't want out -- is. In the most amazing dancer you razzle dazzled the world and now you're in the runners up club and you know what that means -- Oh yeah. You know I was I had done a pilot for any talk show and you know this is a great way to reinvent myself and come back and show everybody had grown up by the evolved and hopefully the show -- next -- will show that as well who -- completely yeah. -- for -- to your mom and your girlfriend. We ourselves how can you we knew you're gonna win this is not a surprise at all. -- Beatty is not -- a -- at all that -- that we know and have you that you -- happy that we know I love you yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. -- -- has been you know. From day one of course and that would give -- I would encourage -- Biographer has been an amazing amount of support I mean it's tough to do this show when you. You know relationship you know your fiance having it takes a lot of times that we had that support the life -- -- -- weddings coming up right -- entry into. And yes. Mining yet we don't know I'm I can't wait till tomorrow -- -- a day off we could start talking about it. He's planning that he added -- no time where you're invited. We're -- through this that it yeah. Last year and I really might prove that yeah. -- -- what -- -- break in the -- that's been. OK it's going to be a lot of dancing there and let me states and into the pros back here once again you all -- mall that's. -- Okay. Yeah. Okay.

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{"id":15014658,"title":"J.R. Martinez Wins 'Dancing With the Stars' 2011","duration":"10:12","description":"Champion joins Ricki Lake, Rob Kardashian on \"GMA\" to discuss season 13 finale.","url":"/GMA/video/jr-martinez-wins-dancing-stars-2011-15014658","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}