Guest 'GMA' Host Julie Bowen on 'DWTS,' 'Modern Family' Season 4

Emmy-winner guest hosts "Good Morning America" during "Modern Family" week.
3:00 | 09/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Guest 'GMA' Host Julie Bowen on 'DWTS,' 'Modern Family' Season 4
There's julie bowen joining us on the couch. How does it feel? To be on the couch? Not bad. Somebody just warned me that one of these is a special cushion. I don't know what that means. It's a couch o truth, julie. A couch -- does it make you taller? That's the one I want. And thinner. We have that one, too. I have an -- show some "dancing with the stars" right now. You see pam anderson and tristan MacMANUS, THEY WERE VOTED OFF. The competition is so tough. Almost everyone is a winner or finalist. They got booted off? Already, yeah. They were tough this time. All-stars, right? I wouldn't do one of those things. I could not. We just saw -- that was it. The bobble-head. That's it. That's all I can do. Want to talk more about "modern family." Congratulations. New season premieres. We want a glimpse from your tv husband, ty. One more clip. Take a look. You're in no position to be asking for favors, young lady. Drink this for your hangover. It smells gross. Then you better drink it fast. I'm going to throw up. That's a hangover cure? No. The things were we putting in it before were raw eggs, pepper. And random things from the kitchen. How great does it feel to be back? It's great. We're back doing the job we love to do. And season four feels like it's going to be a great kickoff with the win from sunday night. It feels like people might actually watch again. I think they might. We want to talk about something near and dear to your heart. You are sharing a personal experience with food allergies. I have three sons. There they are. There's my boys. They're having -- gorgeous. A slushy at the farmer's market at 10:00 a.M. Healthy kick. We do what we do. Good enough is good enough. But we discovered my oldest son has a terrible food allergy to nuts and to bee stings, which is not a food. But went into anaphylaxis, which is a reaction. I teamed up with this group, a website called anaphylaxis101.Com. I'm not going to bore you with the signs and symptoms. You need to find out what they were. We were lucky. He went into full-blown elephant man plastic surgery face. We knew right away there was something wrong. A lot of times anaphylaxis is more like -- my ears hurt. I'm scratchy. And people will ignore it. Again, if that was played out, anaphylaxis101.Com. And if you think you have reason to believe that you are one of the many, many people who have a food allergy or your child does, you can go say, we have an epinephrine auto injector. It seems scary. But the kids become their own best advocates. It becomes a conversation. We're trying to get the education out there so it doesn't seem like this big, scary, weird thing. And that kids in allergies aren't the ones off in a corner with a plastic bubble. My kid does everything normal kids do. Bees be damned. Daughters on the morning shows, you two. This is life or death stuff. If you're a parent, you want to know. You want to get educated. I thought I knew everything. And it turns out I didn't. I find that hard to believe, julie bowen. We love having you on the couch. Will you come back again? Yes. This is very comfortable. This cushion is comfortable. We gave you the special, good cushion. You see right behind you, the dress. I know. It's just here. It made its own appearance. I had no idea. It did not fly with me. It was a lovely gown. You were voted in places the best dressed. Shocking. It looked natural. We can see more of your sun-kissed action on "modern family" tonight. It's back. Let's say, the week continues. We might not give the next guest the special cushion. Our next guest is -- by the way, that's you. And you look lovely in that shot. Oh. Sofia. You're going to have fun with that. She'll be doing julie impressions. You have to look like you're asleep. A zombie sort of a thing. We'll have more dancing. "Dancing with the stars," the

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{"id":17328893,"title":"Guest 'GMA' Host Julie Bowen on 'DWTS,' 'Modern Family' Season 4","duration":"3:00","description":"Emmy-winner guest hosts \"Good Morning America\" during \"Modern Family\" week.","url":"/GMA/video/julie-bowen-guest-hosts-gma-chats-dancing-stars-17328893","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}