Justin Bieber Out on Bail After DUI Arrest

19-year-old pop star was arrested in Miami for allegedly drag racing while driving under the influence.
3:00 | 01/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justin Bieber Out on Bail After DUI Arrest
Justin Bieber free on bail after that arrest for drag racing drunk, the most serious scandal yet for the 19-year-old in what seems like a downward spiral. Matt Gutman covers it. Reporter: No sooner had he strutted out of jail and waved to his fans after his release from that DUI arrest that his biebercade headed back to south beach not far from where police pulled over the 19-year-old pop phenom early on Thursday. His wild night starting here at set nightclub. New photos show a shirtless Bieber partying with Chantel Jeffries, his yellow lamborghini parked outside. He was drag racing with her in the driverpassenger's seat and it was caught by fans. When he opened up the window an confronted Mr. Bieber, he smelled a strong odor of alcoholic beverage. Mr. Bieber at that point was not cooperating with the officer's instructions. Reporter: Police say he was racing his friend chalil sharieff. It was only half the legal limit for driving but double the limit for someone under 21. He's just 19. He also admitted to smoking pot and taking prescription medication. He was charged with DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license. By 10:00 A.M. He was taken to a nearby correctional center. That grinning mug shot in stark contrast to a nervous looking Bieber biting his lip during his bond hearing. The first case this afternoon is Justin Bieber. Reporter: According to "People" magazine Bieber was seen in tears after he appeared before the judge. Following the hearing a source tells "People" he was balking his eyes out when he got back to the detention center. Reporter: Bail was set at $2500, the standard for the three charges he faces, his high-powered attorney Roy black sounding confident overnight. I think this case hopefully will proceed as any other case in the system. Reporter: If convicted he could face up to six months in jail. And his legal woes aren't just here in Miami, robin, when he goes back to L.A. He could still face investigation for that egging incident which he and his friends allegedly caused $20,000 in damage, robin.

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{"id":21650103,"title":"Justin Bieber Out on Bail After DUI Arrest","duration":"3:00","description":"19-year-old pop star was arrested in Miami for allegedly drag racing while driving under the influence.","url":"/GMA/video/justin-bieber-dui-arrest-pop-star-bail-21650103","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}