Royal Baby's Birth Could Make History

British royal historian Robert Lacey discusses the impending birth of the royal heir.
3:03 | 07/22/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby's Birth Could Make History
More on this from brill royal historian robert lacey. He's been writing about the queen for nearly 40 years and is the author of several best-sellers on the royals including the queen and princess diana. I know you have been be patient as well, robert. You recently saw kate's mother just happened to run into her. You talked about the impending birth. What did she tell you? Well, it was about ten days ago over there in the gardens of buckingham palace, concert to CORONATION, 60th ANNIVERSARY AND As we were dashing to our cars of afterwards and retrieve our mobile phones taken away for security purposes she turned to me and said I shouldn't be here. Kate is expecting any day now. There's no talk of induction and, well, we keep our fingers crossed now. The baby's other grandmother, the queen, of course, going on holiday at the end of the week. When do you think they may need her great grandbaby which will be third in line for the throne. She'll probably go to kensington palace where william and kate have set up home. They got a little cottage in the grounds called notingham cottage living there temporarily before their big apartment in the palace is ready. We know that kate's been out getting all sorts of decorations and everything for the nursery. That's where they were, we believe, this weekend and so it seeps certain they'll go there and then the queen will drive up from windsor at some stage to see her great grandchild. That will be a moment. And what do you think about this? Give us a sense of the history of where the duchess is going to give birth. Well, the lindo wing is the most exclusive wing of st. Mary's paddington hospital by the great paddington station. It's where the elite for 30, 40 years have gone to birth. It's private, of course. They lay out champagne so you can celebrate when you've had your baby and also have a birthing pool so maybe kate is in that at the moment although there's no disclosure on that. Robert, it's great. This is such wonderful news and we've been waiting for this moment. Just explain to people here on this side of the pond what this moment means. Well, it'll be the first time since the end of queen victoria's reign when we will have three future monarchs alive, we hope, at the same time as the monarch in residence, the queen. That will be the queen and then, of course, prince charles, prince william and the new baby and, of course, the really historic thing is that whether this baby is a boy or girl it is destined because of a recent change in the law to be the future king or queen, future monarch of great britain and, of course, of canada, australia, new zealand, that's 15 other kingdoms around the world.

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{"id":19732149,"title":"Royal Baby's Birth Could Make History","duration":"3:03","description":"British royal historian Robert Lacey discusses the impending birth of the royal heir.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-baby-royal-babys-birth-make-history-19732149","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}