Kate Middleton Pregnant: Hospital Stay Forces Announcement

Palace wasn't ready to announce the pregnancy, but hospital stay forced the news come out early.
2:41 | 12/04/12

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Transcript for Kate Middleton Pregnant: Hospital Stay Forces Announcement
And joining me right now, is royal watcher, ingrid seward. Want to talk to you about the scramble yesterday. Reports this morning saying that the couple was not planning on celebrating the news and sharing it until christmas. So, how did it all happen yesterday? They didn't want to let it out. Because she's probably about the ten week mark. They knew when kate was seen going into the hospital, or someone would say something, that it would be out of their hands. And the media would have control of the announcement. And they wanted to have control of the announcement. They quickly told the queen, prince charles, prince harry. And then, they made the announcement at 4:00 yesterday. And they seemed to get control of the situation. A situation that people have been speculating about, seemingly, since their wedding way. When we saw kate cheersing with the water, was that the first real clue this might be real? I don't know if she knew she was pregnant then. But it's possible. It's quite possible. Certainly, she has had water after that. But let's say it was there. September, october, around that time. What a day of celebration here. People cheering. People so excited. What does this mean for the hierarchy, this child and where they are in line for the throne? Well, prince harry has to take a backseat. He has to go down one. You have the queen, the queen, her heir, prince charles, number two. You have prince william -- sorry, I get this wrong. Queen, prince charles, prince william, and then prince william's child. I can't add up. And there is speculation that h.G., This extreme nausea she is suffering, is a condition that many suffer when they're carrying twins. If that were to be the case, what would that do of the success succession? It would be a case of which child appeared first. It makes no difference, with this new law. It hasn't been passed yet. But they're going to rush it through. Whatever the first born is, whether it's male or female, the first born will be in line for the throne. It's that simple. It's very exciting news, indeed. And all of our thoughts and prayers are with kate. Diana paved the way with this morning sickness. She had terrible morning sickss. The royal family had never heard of it. And she was saying once again, diana's there, paving the way for kate. Yes. Ingrid, we thank you so much. We'll have more to come from here in london.

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{"id":17873348,"title":"Kate Middleton Pregnant: Hospital Stay Forces Announcement","duration":"2:41","description":"Palace wasn't ready to announce the pregnancy, but hospital stay forced the news come out early.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-pregnant-twins-rumors-surge-hospital-stay-17873348","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}