Kate Middleton Gives her First Royal Speech

The duchess of Cambridge gave public remarks at a children's hospice.
2:51 | 03/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kate Middleton Gives her First Royal Speech
Kate have big day ahead for the young royal making her first public speech we have not heard much from Kate since she and William got engaged but. All that changes today ABC's nick -- of course has the latest. From London did -- make good morning. Well that's right Robin we were on tender -- over here this morning because our beautiful young princess are living doll was. Gonna speak in public for the first time and in a country that cares deeply. About accents -- and wanted to know. Well with -- and. -- was warm friendly crowd but she knew we -- watching on TV festival. I'm sexy sexy and strong start followed by one minute 22 seconds of nearly flawless regal are tree. And she was a -- up there think who think from my -- to. Williams aloft before the -- I'm many sorry that we -- Yeah I'd barely noticed that I tend to stare at eight who has shown in these past few days she can play field hockey and where -- Carl extended. Roll with the boss and an -- Prince Charles ever -- former. -- -- today and convincing royal. Melissa -- this -- to hospice and mountain. But not to Washington where she might lose that famous predictability factor she similar that you could -- in nails done -- -- at -- have a drink me. Speaking as a Big -- and royal circles remember there was a whole film of that problem. Ahead and look who were young Diana prepping for her first public speech -- -- -- once you know more I didn't find. Today's nail biter wasn't so much walked -- would say how she would say it. The feelings against my feelings of love and -- -- Offered -- to -- -- tennis and I think netbook because of. My verdict for what it's worth often enough to protect our main issue -- -- -- mayor elect a wanna -- pop style with I have brash making a bad speech I think things. He's the full package just what -- at least -- dishing it camera to the Irish guards. Trapped under debris started. -- the painted and believe me it wasn't all day thing. -- this morning I'd say. So the verdict she was polish but not to -- the fashion police have just told me that dress she was wearing. Paint and apparently -- that from her mother. Well anyway William is back this week and say okay it's gonna take a well deserved break -- take the dogs rule put her feet maybe. -- -- and daytime TV and of course celebrate with William -- huge success the first time we've ever. Heard her speak vividly and needs up it's just it lit up the little British soda and nick yeah yeah -- -- me that I think -- they're nick.

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{"id":15953499,"title":"Kate Middleton Gives her First Royal Speech","duration":"2:51","description":"The duchess of Cambridge gave public remarks at a children's hospice.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-royal-speech-15953499","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}