Will and Kate's Little Secret?

New clues arise in possible royal couple pregnancy.
2:43 | 11/06/11

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Transcript for Will and Kate's Little Secret?
Prince William and Kate in a new twist in the great pregnancy guessing game the palace has announced that the couple is -- Is it because they need more room for a growing family perhaps -- -- Husain is looking at about questioning gives us a look inside. Their new digs and they're not too shabby digs Lama. Not too shabby at all good morning to you be on exciting stuff -- only -- cable will look at as one British tabloid -- them. They have new digs a new bigger home is -- London based -- note we have not given up on this pregnancy rumors now known asked -- date. We've been digging a little deeper for you. William and Kate will be moving from their modest two bedroom -- -- pass tidbits. Feast your eyes on this humble abode they will soon be -- in Harlem. 83 story apartment with twenty resplendent regal rooms complete with a glorious -- from garden. Which -- -- when good morning America's Robin Roberts. Go to tours brig near Kensington Palace the sunken gardens and they will meet domestic stuff and there's plenty of space to have to have business with the go to -- street. Supplement that -- so it's it's a red team -- found behind. It hasn't nursery ready made family home is this a -- a hands. They trying to tell us something is -- pregnant remember this nugget of evidence when she refused to eat that up -- -- Puppy chow down -- as I think this is a couple who now do they want Steve things very secretive really. The palace not commenting either way that's I suspect this will not be the fast. -- last pregnancy agreement that yes we've weaved ducked it peanut case. Back to the apartment William does this Hollis well it's where he grew up with his father Prince Charles and mother Diana yes that's him -- -- -- royal and I think. -- -- felt the past it was a little too crowded with memories and hate. Told a friend that it was a little too creepy. BI -- me -- tracking hiding when when husband grew up so I think this is happy compromised but it hasn't been lived in since princes Margaret died in 2002. It's going to need to -- -- going to need a new plumbing system at CB everything to modernize it. And to make it safe sending out and have a bit of a wait before they can mean then. At but I suspect that once it's refurbished. It will -- about making high end. The bright colors will probably go and be replaced by more mutual -- to making -- more -- -- hip. Set and you plus pat needs major renovation work done and they would be able to move in before 2013. That's two years from our reverence that they are -- -- -- -- -- may -- me that's it's been. Maybe that's when they will -- -- and it's just a house.

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{"id":14891481,"title":"Will and Kate's Little Secret?","duration":"2:43","description":"New clues arise in possible royal couple pregnancy.","url":"/GMA/video/kates-secret-14891481","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}