Katherine Jackson Back Home, Battling for Custody of Michael's Kids

Temporary custody of Prince, Paris and Blanket were given to their cousin T.J.
2:01 | 07/27/12

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Transcript for Katherine Jackson Back Home, Battling for Custody of Michael's Kids
Katherine Jackson is back home this morning about to regain custody of Michael's kids. And they still seem to be angry about what happened -- -- saying on Twitter at their grandmother was lied to and misguided by their relatives. ABC's nick -- has all the latest. Grandma is back home at the Calabasas compound and we near -- -- -- in on the past ten days the alleged family fight in the driveway this extra ordinary chapter in the Jackson saga. Sources tell ABC news there is a lot of confusion inside the house that -- phone is ringing off the hook that lawyers are preparing paperwork. For her to re gain custody of Michael Jackson's children. I think. That money is at the heart of a lot of things for some of the kids and there's all -- motives. Late Thursday prince Michael's eldest broke his silence on Twitter although I am happy my grandma was returned. After speaking with her I realize -- misguided and how badly she was lied to. Catherine gave her side in that exclusive statement to ABC news before returning home to California. There room which. Going around about me that I've been kidnapped and held against my will. Prince also posted this screen grab of what he -- a group text with around three B and Janet Monday in which he demanded to speak to his grandma. Don't let them -- appears to be the reply from Janet something prince says he wasn't meant to see. They're good kids at their heart they're really kind. Intelligent shockingly normal kids considering the kind of upbringing and and what they had. While Catherine was -- -- blessing incommunicado. At an Arizona sparked a judge tended temporary custody of Michael's kids to their cousin TJ. The next grand in this increasingly bizarre family feud Catherine's lawyers are expected in court trying to get custody of those kids back. If Michael -- looking than analysts must be holding his head. In his. The Good Morning America and it -- for ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":16868170,"title":"Katherine Jackson Back Home, Battling for Custody of Michael's Kids","duration":"2:01","description":"Temporary custody of Prince, Paris and Blanket were given to their cousin T.J.","url":"/GMA/video/katherine-jackson-back-home-battling-custody-michaels-kids-16868170","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}