Katherine Jenkins on New Album, Middleton Pregnancy

Singer and former "DWTS" contestant discusses her new holiday album, "This Is Christmas."
3:44 | 12/04/12

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Transcript for Katherine Jenkins on New Album, Middleton Pregnancy
Back, now, with a real favorite of ours, katherine jenkins. With us throughout the "dancing with the stars" run, hers, however, this morning, bringing a lot of holiday cheer to the show. Remarkable voice. You're going to hear it in a moment. She sold 7 million albums worldwide. Has a new album out for the holidays. It's called "this is christmas." In stores now. Here to discuss it. You recorded this in june. I did. Do you have to find your emotional center somewhere? I was recording in malta, in extreme heat. I had the booth, I had a big christmas tree and fairy lights. And I turned the air conditioning on full-blast, so it was cold. I got in the mood. We have begun. Day one of the royal bundle watch, being welsh, I'm sure this touches you especially. What is it going to be like the next seven or eight months? Really exciting. I know back in the u.K., everybody is just thrilled with the news. And it's nice that it's come at christmas. I'm very, very happy for them. It's lovely. Indeed, it is. A gift for us all.

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{"id":17874805,"title":"Katherine Jenkins on New Album, Middleton Pregnancy","duration":"3:44","description":"Singer and former \"DWTS\" contestant discusses her new holiday album, \"This Is Christmas.\"","url":"/GMA/video/katherine-jenkins-album-christmas-kate-middleton-pregnancy-17874805","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}