Kelly Ripa to Announce Her New Co-Host

"Live With Kelly" welcomes a new co-host after a nearly 10-month search.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kelly Ripa to Announce Her New Co-Host
This is really big this is probably the biggest thing in daytime television -- -- Kelly -- she is she's number one get our -- Kelly good morning -- it. -- yeah. You can get morning -- Look at that you've got all you've got a bevy of choices in -- but -- -- -- seriously now this -- been a long. Long test run here and I know there's some big criteria. Tell me what it takes to it -- sit in that chair I mean really what's the deciding points here. I needed deciding factor is who ever came Gelman not that is really -- -- -- -- her showered him with cases of -- he likes red wine who ever volunteered to you know clean his -- and his cool and they hand him with demands -- hand and -- right now. I knew you're gonna -- this all morning he could hate it but let me just let me just doesn't think he's out here is the man chosen -- -- man chosen by the way is it is indeed a man. I hope I don't I want I'm willing to back it it's a man all right I need to -- is this man. Be loved by women in the audience. I'm -- got to meet on -- -- made it is beloved by winning now and shelter and. Gelman all right is it is it would this would this would this man and then be a singer would he be a singer with a perfect Melissa Lewis voice. I -- now I stand DC. Not a -- like. I should maybe it's not yet pretending like you're not among us -- Kelly I'll be -- attend that I'm -- -- -- sell its -- -- -- -- a football player come on Kelly give us something give me a -- to give me as some roller. You know I don't know I don't know it I never asked if the pressing him play football. You've never asked if the -- yeah. And -- I've never I've never played cat and very -- American -- Josh Wright are at a polling and I'm pulling in the big guns here got these these are. Bad news guns. They haven't really kind of like this is not there yet again are getting getting in their question is this person -- there are reading at -- not -- But this person taller than you Kelly because. I'm not up you know interestingly enough I will premiere this this -- -- not taller than me when we sit down. You practice this morning I can't believe I was in -- was money any way too much credit I don't practice anything I don't happen -- Let's let's get to the serious point here I mean you had to play the waiting game for awhile before you've got to sit in the big -- this is hard for them I mean good because right now he -- that. Everybody will know but they've had to sit quiet on it for little while how hard is that. I -- highlight heated debate -- -- -- Larry you know when the album when that when -- couple gets together and then there is Aaron like sort of -- knock away from each other and they're never allowed to see each other -- talk to each other for fear that it will be somehow revealed. So it's sort of like that but much less dramatic and where we're actually gonna last I'm like the bachelor couples. You for a long time in this really did change your life it changed. You -- your your your -- -- mark's life the family's life everything what what advice would you give to the new cohost today. Pollock and you know I I would I would just -- and hanging down. And they already know -- -- just today. Beat in south everyday and that's that's why they're here to begin rant that's what I have -- Phelan mountain and that's why America felon not men. And this really nothing asking do on my TV but -- south president cannot now -- that -- it out immediately as you know it's like he just have to near South Bend. And go to work each day and -- it. Especially here with what we do we sort of focus on the -- exciting things -- very you rat race and and we just like everything times that's. All my -- -- Kelly you're you're the very best my darling you are you are it'll be -- hidden. Whoever sits in that -- with you could you you make it for me and Jordan. We -- -- by the way this all happens today don't -- live this morning it's a different times in our. And. Yeah yeah yeah.

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{"id":17147941,"title":"Kelly Ripa to Announce Her New Co-Host","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Live With Kelly\" welcomes a new co-host after a nearly 10-month search.","url":"/GMA/video/kelly-ripa-announce-host-17147941","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}