Kenny Chesney on Break From Touring, Pleasing Fans

Music superstar chats about his latest album in front of fans attending his "GMA" concert.
1:52 | 08/09/13

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Transcript for Kenny Chesney on Break From Touring, Pleasing Fans
road because your concerts, they're the biggest party going. actually having the fans out there -- and I've never seen -- a lovely experience, than those who come to our shows. Yeah. Is it true -- is it true that you can be in the middle of a song and be worrying that you're not giving them a good enough time? Oh, that's totally true. I worry about that all the time. But you -- look at their -- they're out here all night long, waiting. Really matters -- and preparing for our tour. And trying to give the fans the best possible experience they can have at a show. I've been to some shows where i left there going, that was okay. I don't ever want anybody to think that. I do not get it. I've never seen a crowd more excited to see anyone. I think what you're doing is tremendous. I wasn't going to wear the shirt until I saw the people in the spread the love shirt. Tell me about it. We're selling these shirts for the boston medical center. It's a fund to help the victims of the boston marathon, whose lives were changed forever. Through no fault of their own. And we're just starting this fund. And the proceeds for the "spread the love" song they can download and buy the shirts also. That money goes to help them get prosthetic limbs and things.

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{"id":19914403,"title":"Kenny Chesney on Break From Touring, Pleasing Fans","duration":"1:52","description":"Music superstar chats about his latest album in front of fans attending his \"GMA\" concert.","url":"/GMA/video/kenny-chesney-interview-2013-good-morning-america-singer-19914403","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}