Kenny Chesney Lurker: Woman Arrested

Melissa Mansfield was arrested after being found at the singer's Tennessee home.
1:26 | 02/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kenny Chesney Lurker: Woman Arrested
Wednesday morning. Williamson county deputies arrest of Melissa Carol Mansfield. The California woman is charged with public intoxication. And criminal trespassing at approximately 209 Wednesday morning the Williamson county sheriff's department got an alarm activation. The alarm activation took to this driveway. It leads to the house on top of the hill and hold it belongs to country music star Kenny Chesney. She claims to have come from east Tennessee and an invitation by the homeowner. And homeowners the state he's not even home but she claims she had a relationship with the homeowner and he invited there. Kenny Chesney lives in his palatial estate high on -- hill and Williamson county. As you can see there's a pool in the back. And a long driveway that leads from the house to a private gate brigade is locked and under surveillance. And it clearly says no trespassing. Deputies made their way up to Kenny Chesney he's home and they went behind the house to the pool area that's -- they say they found the suspect. She was reportedly smoking and drinking wine near the pool there was a corporal -- deputy got there and they were searching the perimeter and they they founder. She was in a restroom and had. At least one if not two -- wine with her according to deputies Mansfield reportedly stated that she initially traveled to Knoxville. Reportedly to see Kenny Chesney he's parents that is not -- confirmed. But deputies -- Mansfield traveled by Greyhound bus from Knoxville to Nashville. Once in Nashville ms. Mansfield tells deputies that she got a limousine and drove all the way here to Williamson county where dropped -- office driveway. She reportedly made her way around that -- an that hailed it as news house. -- she did claim to have a relationship with mr. Chesney and that they were -- but that was not confirmed at all. Property manager did say that mr. -- out of town and he would not have permission real property. At this time is Mansfield is in jail under public intoxication and criminal trespassing charges. Williamson county and -- -- at Nashville's news two investigates.

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{"id":15684908,"title":"Kenny Chesney Lurker: Woman Arrested","duration":"1:26","description":"Melissa Mansfield was arrested after being found at the singer's Tennessee home.","url":"/GMA/video/kenny-chesney-lurker-woman-arrested-15684908","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}