Kidnapped Girl Escapes Her Captor

9-year-old outsmarted her captor after getting abducted outside her school.
2:24 | 01/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kidnapped Girl Escapes Her Captor
Young lady who saved herself from every parent's worst nightmare she was kidnapped. And then -- -- -- escape that is nothing short of amazing CBC's -- Rendell spoke to that nine year old about how she broke free after her harrowing ordeal. Yes it's the bruises evidence enough of the terror that nine year old Calista Cordoba in -- worked for eighteen hours -- can I ask you about. About that day -- but this morning she's getting huge credit for a quick thinking and courage to speak up. They are what brought this brave little girl safely home to her family. Congressman here. The third grader vanished Thursday on -- walk home from school her stepfather Stephen knew the precise moment something was wrong. My baby girls always walks through my door. Actually Tony one I noticed something was wrong. When she first nine minutes late. Hours went by and nothing. Is getting late -- skewed toward its kidney -- I don't white babies -- agree. The next morning a break this truck driven by her alleged kidnapper Jose Garcia broke down a good samaritan gives them a lift to this Colorado Springs convenience store. Scared and in shock -- calls 911 and refuses to leave. She's making me -- in my eyes as he said I don't know where we -- your -- over. I think the guy he's taking immediate demise planner outages like -- there. Garcia got away on foot but he was eventually arrested our daughter is home safe she is really safe. -- parents are understandably reluctant to letter talk about what she went through but they are proud and grateful she never gave up. How did you find the strength to do he did. Without proof -- planned to meet. I think that it had. What any teacher. -- -- -- -- -- Now it's time to read all the messages play with all the stuffed animals and open the gifts that keep getting dropped off including a blanket her favorite singer. -- yeah Justin Bieber and I. You time to try and get back to just being -- -- For Good Morning America Clayton -- -- ABC news Pueblo Colorado.

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{"id":15414750,"title":"Kidnapped Girl Escapes Her Captor ","duration":"2:24","description":"9-year-old outsmarted her captor after getting abducted outside her school. ","url":"/GMA/video/kidnapped-girl-escapes-captor-15414750","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}