Kidnapped Girl Reunited With Mom

The girl managed to escape after being abducted outside her school.
2:32 | 01/21/12

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Transcript for Kidnapped Girl Reunited With Mom
At nine year old girl that endured something awful kidnapped from her school -- with her abductor for 24 hour. But the story of how she broke free the bravery she displayed shows just how strong she really -- -- TJ Winick has been following this story it is incredible -- only nine years of age. There really is in -- we don't know exactly what that little girl went through during those 24 hours so we don't want to show her face or give the young girl's name but we can tell you one thing. Her brave actions likely saved her life. He believes it can take. At first it was unconfirmed. -- And men the official word. It was the news Stephanie Cordoba have been waiting for her daughter have been found. Alive. An AMBER Alert had been issued for the nine year old after she never arrive home from school on Thursday. The girl was reportedly seen getting into a car possibly a white Mercedes. Police say she was abducted by Jose Garcia and troubling in this truck when it broke down early Friday. They were picked up played good samaritan and dropped off at a Colorado Springs convenience store. That's when the young girl meet her brave escape. We had two black guys who live there. -- too scared -- their students taught. Using some quick thinking she asked for the phone. And dialed 911. She -- me playing in my eyes as he said I don't know where we're right here -- -- -- I think it's he takes immediate demise planner outages but -- there. After a manhunt authorities -- the 29 year old Garcia who was arrested at a bus stop only a few miles from the store. -- pulled his wallet out his and he did take your idea out your wallet. And then I looked back again and they have every hand -- Some good police work for sure. But this morning authorities are giving all the credit to that little girl who took charge of her own fate. We have a very very brave courageous young lady. That did -- to -- her own life and I'm very very proud of her. She's my Angel she's my heart my -- so everything she -- her -- ecstatic right now. Police are not saying how Jose Garcia knew the young girl but he reportedly has a criminal history this morning that -- -- so happy and grateful to have her little girl back and of course. We send them. Our very best. Absolutely -- especially considering some of these stories have tragic ending so there's a good ending all right TJ thank you.

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{"id":15410022,"title":"Kidnapped Girl Reunited With Mom","duration":"2:32","description":"The girl managed to escape after being abducted outside her school. ","url":"/GMA/video/kidnapped-girl-reunited-mother-15410022","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}