Kids Cleansing: Diet Trend for Children Sparks Debate

Report about parents who put their kids on cleanses stirs up controversy.
3:00 | 04/03/14

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Transcript for Kids Cleansing: Diet Trend for Children Sparks Debate
Bring it on home. Talking about all morning kids and diets. Really caught our eye. We've all heard of cleansing for many adult, a good tool to lose weight and get healthy but an article in "The New York post" revealed a startling new twist. Kids cleansing and Reena ninan has the details. ? Reporter: Cleansing, a red hot celebrity pastime. Superstar couple beyonce and jay-z did a vegan cleanse recently and Salma Hayek calls juice cleansing her meditation. But what about a cleanse for your kids and teens? I feel a little weak, much weaker than Normal and a little tired. But I'm not hungry. Reporter: 17-year-old Emmy Heyman is in the middle of a five-print blueprint juice cleanse with her mom drinking six a day. I don't think it's the most nutritious thing to do. I think it's very much like flushing out toxins. Reporter: Mom Joanne says she's only allowing it because she believes Emmy is done grow, has a healthy relationship with food and set it up as a challenge. Do you worry juicing is so extreme and she's just a teenager. If I thought there were negative health risks I wouldn't let her do it. For five days it's an experiment. Reporter: Still, experts are concerned. Cleansing is extreme. You know, it's fine if a child wants to have a cup of kale juice but they need protein and calcium for development. Reporter: At 1 Kendall took cues from her 21-year-old brother. He dropped 22 pounds with a fresh fruit and veggie diet. I was always healthy but I wanted to do something more. Reporter: She says she's done a two-week cleanse twice in her short life completely cutting sugar, carbs, dairy and meat. We as a family in a very healthy light using fresh fruits and vegetables. This is something they can do as a lifestyle. Total lifestyle change. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Reena ninan, ABC news, New York. Of course, she recommends if children use their juices they should do under the supervision of a medical professional. To the poll. Would you let your child do a cleanse? 5% said yes. 95% said no. No surprise to our senior medical contributor Dr. Jen Ashton. To the kids in a second. Cleanses in general. For adults, you guy, doctors myself include tend to be very skeptical about the health benefits of a cleanse. There's very little data. They tend to be very high in sugar. You're not getting fiber. You're not getting protein and their claims to be effective in terms of weight loss is all lean muscle mass. So that's not the weight you want to lose. So what would you recommend for parents who are thinking about this for their children? Look, I would rather see a child or a teenager drink a fresh green juice than a soda, no question. But I think that the key with this as in so many other things is moderation. So we juice it our household but we make that green juice and serve it alongside the scrambled eggs so with a healthy balanced meal. And they actually drink it in your house. I tried. I bribe them. I was always told growing up you shouldn't drink your calories so it flies in the face of that. That is absolutely correct. And with kids, or teenagers, you don't want them drinking their nutrition but eating it. It takes longer to digest and have to ask yourself, there is a distinction between nutrition and this concept of a cleanse and that's what needs to be reconciled. When you're talking about teenagers and kids, we have a saying, kids are not little adults. So just because it's okay for us to do something does not mean it's safe or okay That's what I was going to ask you. She said she's fully grown but to me it seems like an emotional thing too where you want kids to not sort of get the idea that, oh, I should drink it and plant seeds of self-doubt or -- Now, look, I think all moms want to do what's best for their kids and this mom no different. Teenager, extreme behavior when talking about something like eating potentially -- Very slippery. Hey, thank you.

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{"id":23173329,"title":"Kids Cleansing: Diet Trend for Children Sparks Debate","duration":"3:00","description":"Report about parents who put their kids on cleanses stirs up controversy.","url":"/GMA/video/kids-cleansing-diet-trend-children-sparks-debate-23173329","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}