Kobe Downsizes With Divorce

Lakers star giving his wife all three of his mansions as part of settlement.
2:39 | 01/21/12

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Transcript for Kobe Downsizes With Divorce
Cue the music we're going to -- -- divorce settlement story between Kobe Bryant and the woman who stood by his side for more than a decade. He's handing his -- Vanessa all of the keys to the three mansion -- he owns plus a whole lot of -- On the basketball court Kobe Bryant is used to winning big. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a healthy chunk of those basketball bucks. -- Bryant and his wife of ten years Vanessa are kicking off 2012. With one of Hollywood's biggest divorce settlements. Was Bryant's net worth an estimated one. -- dollars. It could walk away from the marriage with upwards of 75 million and that's not all she scoring. Yeah. According to the LA times property records show that the couple's three mansion is worth eighteen point eight million total have already been transferred to Vanessa is named. I think it's fair to say that this is a huge win for Vanessa Bryant I mean this woman is getting 75 million dollars in cash. Right now she's getting three properties in Newport Beach, California. Went after ten and a half years of marriage -- It up pretty well. Vanessa famously stood by her man during his 2003 sexual assault trial. But sources say his recent indiscretions were the final straw for the marriage. She certainly won't be alone in the first wives club of celebrity divorces. Colby is definitely joining a group of men who will be paying their ex -- profit at -- alive Michael Jordan's wife Juanita netted one. 268. Million dollars after their marriage of seventeen years ended in 2006. Human Nordegren recently tore down its twelve million dollar mansion after reportedly pocketing once. Hundred million dollars after separating from husband Tiger Woods. And just last month about Gibson's wife Robin walked away from their marriage of nearly thirty years with astonishing 125. Million dollars. Which is considered to be the biggest divorce payout in Hollywood history.

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{"id":15410041,"title":"Kobe Downsizes With Divorce","duration":"2:39","description":"Lakers star giving his wife all three of his mansions as part of settlement.","url":"/GMA/video/kobe-bryant-downsizes-divorce-15410041","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}