Kristin Davis is 'Of Two Minds'

The Emmy-nominated actress talks about being a mom and her new Lifetime movie.
4:57 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for Kristin Davis is 'Of Two Minds'
We are so excited new mom Kristin Davis is joining us this -- Emmy nominated actress. We'll tell us all about. Life with her new baby girl and also about her latest project she is starring an executive producing the lifetime movie called two lines which explores. Mental illness and it's a fact and. And he's not say how are you don't really well I am really happy to talk to hear all about jam -- -- -- big big problem -- first I do wanna talk to about. This project tells little bit about of two minds of two minds isn't immediately made for lifetime and I wanted to make it because it it deals with the Stanley who has a member at who has schizophrenia as he. And it's my sister and -- And it's just kind of looking at to -- that stigma about. Mental -- -- country still and -- of the burden really falls on -- family often times to take care that person. -- so hard to find health care that will help -- Maybe people are afraid to admitted in what is ideal of Stanley and how it is a person and become that caretaker when you might not be trained to be that -- -- I just feel like there issues in our country that we still -- talk openly about positions -- -- did he and I really don't know a lot about it so -- This this will hopefully shed some light -- everybody. A clip that and in this you've just come home from work when you and your sister has rearranged all of your furniture and this is sort of the aftermath -- -- take -- look okay. I -- it's always what you want. Commander of the story kind of stupid stories told he was a bad idea but we go we go we got because that's what you want excuse me -- -- you might enjoy it I know Paterson did never liked anything -- ever did really did anything from me I took you in. Sending you -- be alone because you're afraid of what I do to your house in -- I'm happy you. You want me here I can be easier I just left and the media front -- there that's what you it's me away. -- -- Thank you really got the wonderful Tammy Blanchard -- -- -- she's amazing and you not only had to Tibco foraging in enacting -- were also wearing the hat of executive producer how is that pretty it is -- you know when we did sex in the city we really were included creatively even -- Sarah Jessica had that title. Rest of -- were always just. You know David talked to expect storyline is diet -- we kind of that spoiled -- -- when you get out into other other roles in world you realize well it means that. So is wonderful -- got to help change the cast and the director he's a wonderful Irish men and came over to help -- and once you started acting now like pretty much switched gears -- to argue do both at the same time do you think he DC is somewhere that -- you'll had further down the road yeah like to lean more toward energy just love being informed him. I -- my life so hard to imagine not acting. Then Panetta. I can see producing what meanwhile you've produced an incredible home life for your pet I think adopting a beautiful little girl Gemma Gemma road deaths rose 78 months old now is a big -- -- -- -- what is she doing. You're saying hello milestones when we seem well she just last week started pulling herself up to standing still passion I know she is delicious she's so perfect and it really goes by fast everywhere says that -- tell you there you can't really quite believe it. It's it's a lot of responsibility you know being single mom but but I wish me in some ways I wish I had had come do it sooner but and it would have Gemma fidelity -- But I love it about it so much and you adopted domestic I did how is that experience it was amazing I was very nervous about domestic I'd seen too many -- -- television shows about drop. I was very -- -- I had planned to do it internationally -- I realized that. The wait was three to five years from him I just couldn't wait that long -- -- here in our country we have kids in need and in the Foster system is not really a great -- so. Once I made that decision and move very quickly and I have a beautiful healthy baby girl and an English is my now -- should I know I can't take -- -- she's like. Atlantis yeah yeah. None of that until chemicals -- and you get saying the other thing I'd like to hear your produce is is another sex in the city rob I -- -- -- -- you. I would be happy to please you ladies that I I would love you and I think we would all love to do it you know -- -- -- happen leave. Really never known what happened in our journey -- sex in the city and really think -- children and -- snide and whenever we see each other we talk about it socially but at a I don't know you know so -- that there's a script out there are not necessarily. -- idea but I don't think there is page script. We'll need to get your executive producer had on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know that to -- Bangladesh yeah. I think -- -- deletions are an executive from saying he felt -- -- -- your new movie and -- on -- thank you so ironic I am well I -- well thank you all right Kristin -- everybody involved humor and we'll debut. -- -- time on Saturday march 10.

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{"id":15849128,"title":"Kristin Davis is 'Of Two Minds'","duration":"4:57","description":"The Emmy-nominated actress talks about being a mom and her new Lifetime movie.","url":"/GMA/video/kristin-davis-minds-15849128","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}