La La Anthony Offers No-Nonsense Dating Advice

NBA superstar's wife releases new book "The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex and Happiness."
3:00 | 01/28/14

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Transcript for La La Anthony Offers No-Nonsense Dating Advice
Having a great day. Joined by la la Anthony, the television and film star, entrepreneur and wife of NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony has co-written or has written, not co-written, has written a no-nonsense advice book on dating, relationships and marriage, it's called, I love this, "The love playbook." Rules for love, sex and happiness. Good morning, la la. Good morning. Good times. Yes. In the Anthony household, I would imagine. Congratulations on his monster -- before we get started on the booklet's just give him a shout-out. He had a very big, big game. 62 points. Huge, it was unbelievable. I was like what was going on in your mind when this was happening? And he was like, I was just in a zone. Like I completely zoned out and it was incredible. I mean I'm just so proud of him. Have you ever seen him sewn like that or -- I've seen him zone out before but I knew something special was happening that night. I made sure he brought his sneakers home and Jersey and want to do a beautiful frame with the Jerseys and sneakers and have something cool in our house. Hopefully he'll do something special for you too. Congratulations on the book. It's really, really smart. "The love playbook," as we said. So you're not a relationship expert but you say everybody in your life, friends, family, come to you for advice. Why is that? You know, I think that I'm able to give advice in a way where I'm honest but I'm not hurtful and I've been through a lot of things in my life so I feel like I can draw from personal experiences to give that advice and my mom always tells me, you know, you don't have to make all the mistakes. You're supposed to learn from other people's mistakes so in this book I talk about mistakes that I made and I hope that people can learn from them so like mom says, you don't have to make all the mistakes yourself. And how did your husband feel about you sharing your mistakes and what you learned from them. Last night he was like I need to go back and read this book one more time. Too late. Too late but he's been super supportive and is excited for today, as well. It is a big day for us. The way you wrote it, you broke it down with play-by-play phrases. You tell us what these mean. The ball is in the woman's court. Yes, women know we have all the power at the end of the day but it's about knowing how to use that power and really, you know, creating a happy life for yourself, for your household for your mate. That's what it's about. Happy wife, happy life. Like women do truly have and hold all the power. Give me Ang example of something simple that women can take away from this where you've got the power. It's how you use it. Yeah, I would definitely say it's great to have something of your own to be independent in a sense and not everybody is meant to run a fortune 500 company. It could be having a great hobby but have something that's your own because then you can bring something into a relationship and feel like you're valuable to a relationship. Yeah, all right. This I know to be true for you. If you can't be yourself with a man, you can't be with that man. Absolutely. That's a great piece of advice. That's something I definitely stand strongly by. A lot of people say when you first meet someone you meet their representative. You come in as something else but the problem with being something else, you can't keep that up after a few months, it's like, wait, who was that girl I met two months ago? You're a completely different person so might as well be who you are. Your authentic you is the best you. We created la la's love rules. If the answer is yes you say la la. If it's no, you say no no. You hate camping. Should you go anyway. La la or no no. La la. Of course, come on, be a team player. It's not going to kill you. It'll make him happy you might actually enjoy yourself. Should you give your man a pass for cheating la la or though no? Absolutely no no no no. I do not agree with that at all. That's just opening up the floodgates for way lot of issues you don't want to have to deal with. I think you made that one very clear. Should married couples have joint bank accounts. La la or in no? La la. I think it's great to have something you share and something you're working together but it's also good to have a little separate stash of your own. Question. Question. Yes, yes. Should they know about the stash? Depends on the relationship. Depends on the relationship. Maybe not. Okay. And then finally when you're with your man should you dress to impress, la la or no no? It depends on the situation. So la la depending on the swaying and no no if you're chilling out in the house wear your sweat, have your hair in a ponytail. Be your authentic you. That's what's importanting. That you can keep up. Being someone else is hard to -- You always are. Great to be with you. Please send your husband our love and congratulations. I will and thank you so much. Congratulations on the book. La la's book, "The love playbook," rules for love, sex and happiness hits stores today. Yes, thank you so much.

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{"id":22263745,"title":"La La Anthony Offers No-Nonsense Dating Advice","duration":"3:00","description":"NBA superstar's wife releases new book \"The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex and Happiness.\"","url":"/GMA/video/la-la-anthony-offers-nonsense-dating-advice-22263745","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}