La Roux Discusses Upcoming Album, 'Trouble in Paradise'

Dance-pop artist joins "GMA" to talk about how hard she worked on her latest project.
1:09 | 06/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for La Roux Discusses Upcoming Album, 'Trouble in Paradise'
And we are delighted to have grammy winner, la roux here this morning. You may know Ellie Jackson from her hit, "Bullet proof." She's back from with a hot, new single from her album, "Trouble in paradise" that comes out July 8th. Wonderful to have you back with us. Love your music so much. You've been working hard on this new music coming out in July. Long hours. Long days, right? That's correct. How is it different from what you've done before? I don't know. I think it just, I wanted to do something different. And required a little more effort and attention. That's what we did. That comes through. You've been touring and getting out. Everybody is happy to see you on stage. It's been a great response so far. Yeah. Very good. We're so delighted to have you here. You're making me feel very short. I don't mean to do that. You're unbelievably tall. It just -- well, I cheat just a little bit. Just a wee bit. Nothing bets past this woman right now.

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{"id":24086284,"title":"La Roux Discusses Upcoming Album, 'Trouble in Paradise'","duration":"1:09","description":"Dance-pop artist joins \"GMA\" to talk about how hard she worked on her latest project.","url":"/GMA/video/la-roux-discusses-upcoming-album-trouble-paradise-24086284","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}