Lady Gaga On Men, Family and Her New Fragrance

Music superstar discusses how her new scene, "Fame," was inspired by her own life.
3:00 | 09/14/12

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Transcript for Lady Gaga On Men, Family and Her New Fragrance
We turn to lady gaga, revealing her blockbuster new project. It's not a song right now. It's a fragrance. It's called fame. And like everything that gaga does, the scent that she personally created is already making headlines. I sat down with her for a one-on-one, a nice chat and a sniff. ♪ ♪ I want to hold them like they do them in texas ♪ Reporter: Thank you for spending some time with us. Congratulations on fame. I'm proud of it and happy. Reporter: And how very gaga it is, with the egg-shaped bottle and the black liquid inside. I wanted the black liquid to represent the duality of fame. The smell of it and the evil proposition around the corner. It is just a little artistic statement. Reporter: It's been said often that the most powerful of the senses is smell. It can lift the mood of the room and change the conclusion of the evening. How do you react to that? It's quite like me, I think. I'm a good party ender. Reporter: Are you? Yes. Or party saver. Anybody want me to come, and I'll smell like fame. The fans, when they want to smell me, gaga, can I smell the fame? Right here. Reporter: I'll have a smell of the scent. Very sexy. It's sexy. It's a sexy fragrance. It's for someone that wants to seduce someone. You shouldn't wear it if you're not likely to look for a lover because it's going to attract them. Reporter: Yeah. What should a man smell like? I personally quite like leather smell. And sort of tobacco smells and alcoholy smells. Things that smell like you've been in a bar being bad at night. Reporter: A little naughtiness. And how does gaga describe the smell of fame? I want it to be a sweaty smelling perfume. It's seductive. You want the life of the person that is famous. Reporter: Do you remember the first perfume you bought as a little girl? Baby rose jeans by versace. Reporter: Really? You were much more sophisticated than me. I had to beg my mother for it. ♪ For the rock 'n' roll ♪ in an honest way, I'm telling you it's a sexy fragrance. It does in a way remind me of my mother. My mother was a sexy woman to me. Reporter: Yeah. Very sexual, sensual woman. And my father, always thought she was sexy. You know, they weren't always private about, you know, hugging and kissing each other in front of us. It was something that my sister and I really enjoyed to see. ♪ You know when I ♪ Reporter: I know you're in the middle of your world tour and heading our way. What is the smell associated with being up on that stage in front of the fans? A fog. Reporter: Is it a good-smelling fog? A fog machine. Such a great time talking to her. We thank you, gaga. Here's a look at what happened last night. Video from the stunning liv performance she gave for her fans, getting her neck tattooed in a giant glass bottle at her perfume launch party. And her tour is coming to the u.S. In january. The new album is on its way. Yu never know what she's going to do. I love it. Heidi klum's been out all

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{"id":17234868,"title":"Lady Gaga On Men, Family and Her New Fragrance","duration":"3:00","description":"Music superstar discusses how her new scene, \"Fame,\" was inspired by her own life.","url":"/GMA/video/lady-gaga-interview-2012-singer-men-family-fragrance-17234868","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}