Lauren Holly Is Worried About Raising Liars

The actress asks how to handle lying children in her blog for People magazine.
3:46 | 10/24/13

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Transcript for Lauren Holly Is Worried About Raising Liars
index," the top stories now. Starting with a famous mom's confession. Lauren holly. Now, she's a mother of three. And she's written a blog for "people" magazine. And she's worried about raising her kids to be liar. And paula faris has more. All-too familiar for all you parents. Reporter: They're our pint-sized pride and joy. But are they turning into pretty little liars? Think of a good lie on the way down. Reporter: Actress lauren holly, whose roles have taken her from the crime scene -- this is textbook hit and run. Reporter: To the comedy scene. It will only hurt for a moment. Reporter: Is making headlines on the mommy scene. Asking a controversial question about her very own kids, in a new blog post titled, "am i raising a little liar?" Why weren't they telling me the truth? Reporter: She writes people.Com's, that one a can of soda was missing. And none of her sons would confess to taking it. Honest is something that i want to instill in them for sure. It's the quality that I want my boys to have. Reporter: Little brother, george -- did you take it? No. Reporter: Passed the buck on to his brothers. I know I didn't do it. It has to be one of them. Reporter: Holly never came up with the culprit. We had many talks about it. Parents should get involved and know what's going on with their kids. Be involved all the time. I tell my boys, there is no such thing as privacy. Reporter: But she did come up with a conclusion. If you set your standards high and be as honest as you possibly can, that kids will do what they see. And they will try to behave in the same way. Reporter: And that's the honest truth. For "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. Talk about this with our friend, dr. Janet taylor, psychiatrist, parenting expert. Preschoolers, pre-k will tell lies. They do it unconsciously. They don't want to disapprove mom. High schoolers, middle schoolers will plan it. And that's a lot different. When should alarm bells go off? We should be alarmed as parents if our kids are lying about school activities. Did you do your homework? Do you have a test? If they hit their little sister, brother and you hear it, I don't know what happened. If it's continual. Frequency, the age. If they're not little anymore, but teenagers, middle schoolers. And looking at the issue in terms of how important it is. Does it go against what you value as a family? And if other people say something's wrong, pay attention. What if they catch mom or dad in a little lie. They hear the mom say something, that's not right. We model for our kids. And we set the tone for what our kids value and what happens in our household. And as adults, even we tell lies. And we have to acknowledge that. Can you start with a value of honesty early? Can you tell them that it's really important and reinforce that from early on all the way? You can reinforce it. But one of the best things you can do is frame the conversation. If you sit down, there's an issue. A can of soda is missing. Listen, can you promise you'll tell the truth. And you model for them. You tell the kids' stories when you were younger and got caught in a lie. We want to raise kids who are perfect. But we're not perfect parents. So, there's got to be room. You want to create a space where your kids will talk about anything. How you respond, is it too harsh? Are they going to get punished? Great advice, janet. Thank you. We all agree. And we're not lying. You're not lying. Sizzling on our "heat index," the frenzy over "fifty

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{"id":20667354,"title":"Lauren Holly Is Worried About Raising Liars","duration":"3:46","description":"The actress asks how to handle lying children in her blog for People magazine.","url":"/GMA/video/lauren-holly-worried-raising-liars-20667354","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}