Oscar Buzz for Leonardo DiCaprio

The Hollywood star talks about his new movie "J. Edgar."
6:19 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for Oscar Buzz for Leonardo DiCaprio
You're so happy to have Leonardo DiCaprio back with us live this morning thanks for having me now we have people -- -- up against the windows as always wherever. Feeling like that's a common thing but that's -- Think it's its -- it has nothing new that's. Saw the film powerful powerful performance by you and then you really seem to be drawn. Two complicated. Characters the challenge of playing these types of characters. Usually when there a lot of questions still arise about the character and their intentions and their motives. Tonight we'll come interest in. When you read -- there's a lot of bad scripts in Hollywood when you read a script and everything is completely on the page and there's. No job left for you to do that's usually when I'm non interest about. I fortunately he's gotten to work with some. Some pretty great material in my account numbers thing. Well again you brought -- yet again I have to say. Because he's a company's. There's some of the things that have been written about him and -- about. FBI with an iron fist went like fifteen years years. And this is the early years of -- -- and. Still fancy facial okay agents don't. The ladies appreciated. And I suppose -- ladies' opinions from all Portland bureaus. No. Sir. Perhaps all that is suited for the police force than the bureau of investigations. I've been with the department of the bureau for seven years Edgar almost as long as you. No. You with fuel -- seven years and that heroes now cost. And so we. Even here is his voice has dialect everything you are -- Leo. For doing your homework and really researching a role what did you learn and doing research for this about him. I don't even Jordan Begin adding he's always been so shrouded in mystery there have been -- salacious rumors around. -- tactics of course have always been put under question and great scrutiny especially. During the 1960s. With the Cohen -- program and -- -- those attacks on the civil rights leaders but. It was just fascinating to learn about his childhood in and the country. -- I now have forgotten about where we were under attack constantly from an abortion -- -- -- here's the red scare in the the of the and the teens and twenties and our country and and the country that he came into was. It seemed like there was almost great lawlessness there were bank -- going from state to state. You know robbing banks becoming local heroes in the public key. And here he came in this young political upstart with an incredible amount of ambition. Fueled really -- is his mother -- his mother's great dreams of political glory. And her father was that his father was a big failure in politics -- was. And mentally insane towards the end of his life that he had all the great promise of the -- name. And she looked towards him yeah. To accomplish all this and he really cleaned our country up. And created this. This federal bureau this police force it to this day is incredibly ominous feared and revered and one of the most respected police forces the world has ever known. Any -- from scratch and it was it was at a building it and you and director when -- gonna ask -- about Clinton just moment. -- poorly handled. The rumors about. A thing circulating about about -- about as personal and what life a lot of stuff yeah. I mean the truth is I don't think anyone really really knows the truth about what happened between these two men we do know that a lifelong partnership together. They were together for decades there were inseparable and went on vacation together they lived together that he. Lunch and dinner together every night yet they work together. And the sort of concept of what it was like to be completely of service putting your personal life on hold for the good of your job is a fascinating one. And I I felt it was handled with a lot of class and tact and and doesn't -- you went black screen -- because. You understand -- two concept of -- almost entering the priesthood the FBI was their church. And whatever feelings or emotions they have one -- case. -- -- leave it up to the person sitting there looking at the screen. To make up their own mind about about that which is great and rare could easily everyone on screen it's like telling us -- what we're supposed to feel. -- -- transformation. I think those who six decades of his lying and he must have been in that make up share what for. Our worst. For the older stuff -- I think you're looking. That was problem about 6 hours every morning. But -- its pace is incredibly fast and we did this whole film of the month and a half. And thankfully. No the last couple weeks once it got an even footing for our characters we've got to do the -- -- -- -- who was you know talking to my young Kennedy as if he was some political upstart who didn't know the first damn thing about politics in. -- fifty years of political experience under your -- for all of us it was you know. And interest and challenge -- and I guess in the makeup was pretty hard to get used to but. We're thankful that Clinton towards -- yes and must that -- for a working with plan to yes and relentless and in. He's I can go on and on about -- -- but there's no one more. Instinctive than that in him as a director he really it's really. Doesn't have a lot of people around him giving their opinion of him in the monitoring he sits there and decide what he likes the movie doesn't like and he tells -- straight off he doesn't mince words. No he doesn't -- is gonna have a chance to talk to. And I really good that so you very much I know that the movie comes out on Wednesday in a limited release and a nationwide what a great birthday. Get dance that is my -- finding -- grades and plans for -- I'm not much so far. Have to go back to work in Australia since The Great Gatsby yes that's right you have to come back and tell us about that think that -- -- -- always agree to -- all right. Though and -- I don't want him.

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{"id":14896390,"title":"Oscar Buzz for Leonardo DiCaprio","duration":"6:19","description":"The Hollywood star talks about his new movie \"J. Edgar.\"","url":"/GMA/video/leonardo-dicaprio-oscar-buzz-performance-edgar-hoover-14896390","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}