Lights Fall on High School Wrestler

Madison High School's Michael McComish survived with only minor injuries.
1:31 | 01/22/13

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Transcript for Lights Fall on High School Wrestler
Best part of filling in for Josh -- and -- the day and this is incredible we have been tensing. With -- every time we've seen as -- High school wrestling match in South Dakota we can that is Michael -- -- in the blue he's a senior. Always dreamed of wrestling under the lights and -- it's down in the wrestling opposition. Gets can you believe that eighty pound light fixture fell from thirty feet. Landed right odds -- down but he pops right up get some stitches. Annie's fine here's proof -- Michael in his own words. I walked over to the senator the mad and I'm set. And next thing I know though lights on top mean it was really variety in China -- and not been it was like -- weights I couldn't stand. After like a couple seconds I kinda realized that there was that's what it was. But at first I just it was like while -- hit me in the united -- all the glass and I was like okay this isn't and if our -- standing. Or. Matt wouldn't have been in the right place now would have been to the left -- right here front or back more in that edge of it would hit me it would have. He could -- and serious damage something that I've heard from a lot of people as they say that. In Madison Square Garden everybody gets a Russell under the lights but I truly am the only one it's -- underneath alliance. Off but I suspect that somewhere in the rafters is a former wrestler with a mask remember the Phantom of the Opera --

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{"id":18286894,"title":"Lights Fall on High School Wrestler","duration":"1:31","description":"Madison High School's Michael McComish survived with only minor injuries.","url":"/GMA/video/lights-fall-high-school-wrestler-caught-tape-18286894","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}