Limbaugh Apology Fails to Stop Bailing Advertisers

GOP nominees, leaders challenged to disavow recent comments made by radio host.
2:34 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for Limbaugh Apology Fails to Stop Bailing Advertisers
Out of the Super Tuesday showdown with his fifth straight -- in Saturday's -- caucuses Mitt Romney is picking up momentum and high profile support. In the ten states voting tomorrow but as he looks to wrap up this nomination fight. The Rush Limbaugh firestorm is complicating life for all the GOP candidates as we Begin this morning your voice your vote with ABC's John -- and John. Good morning George you know this morning because of that language used by Rush Limbaugh which even Limbaugh now -- now calls insulting Mitt Romney and all the candidates find themselves caught. Between a rush. And a hard place. College -- -- Limbaugh's words have no cost in Sydney advertisers. Pro flowers the latest big money company to flee his show saying his language. Went beyond political discourse to a personal attack -- do not reflect our values as a company. That would this is what they're talking about. His comments on thirty year old student -- -- look. Who testified to congress it's -- Porter requiring employer funded contraceptive care she must be paid to have sex what does that make her. -- original slot right. -- -- -- this weekend in the face of advertiser uproar. Limbaugh apologized. Mike choice of words was not the best and in an attempt to be humorous I created a national stir. I sincerely apologize to -- look for the insulting word choices insulting Limbaugh's own -- In much further than the words used by the Republican presidential candidate -- condemnations all came with -- -- -- the tensions here or deflection. They have served but that's you know an entertainer can be absurd I think he was right to apologize but it but -- Iowa apologies for second. I think the president was totally wrong as commander in chief. To apologize to religious fanatics while our young men are being killed in Afghanistan. And and -- we're talking. Jobs in -- in no rush to judge rush a conservative like on Romney would love to be talking about Ohio. Polls show him closing the Iran mixed into world. And Romney seems to -- solid eating establishment support. Who would love to see this race game. Now that establishment support includes a new recorded phone call going out from none other than former First Lady. Barbara Bush in back to Rush Limbaugh for a moment some people taken -- of the fact. That accompanied its syndicates Limbaugh's show is partly owned by Bain Capital the company founded. By Mitt --

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{"id":15848313,"title":"Limbaugh Apology Fails to Stop Bailing Advertisers","duration":"2:34","description":"GOP nominees, leaders challenged to disavow recent comments made by radio host.","url":"/GMA/video/limbaugh-apology-fails-stop-bailing-advertisers-15848313","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}