Lindsay Lohan Arrested: New Video 'Helps' Actress

NYPD video surveillance does not conclusively show Lohan hitting a pedestrian with SUV.
3:00 | 09/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lindsay Lohan Arrested: New Video 'Helps' Actress
The latest on lindsay lohan. She's been arrested for hitting a pedestrian with a car and fleeing the scene. And new surveillance video shows the scene outside that manhattan nightclub where it all went down. Will the tape help or hurt? Abc's rob nelson is here to break it all down. Good morning, george. Another piece of the puzzle for sure here. Lindsay lohan has had a reputation as one of hollywood's leading bad girls. That's for sure. In her latest case of hit-and-run, a surveillance tape released by the cops just yesterday, is leaving her guilt very much in doubt. Overnight, a seemingly high-spirited lindsay lohan carrying a friend's child, emerging for the first time since her arrest. Even tweeting this photo of a parked car with the caption, no more ramps. Just hours earlier, this surveillance video of her alleged hit-and-run, outside a manhattan hotel was released. It was just before 12:30 a.M. Wednesday. Police have blurred some of the video. But you can see the car in on the left. She is driving towards a ramp. Flashing her headlights to warn bystanders. Watch as the alleged victim, 34-year-old chef jose rodriguez crosses the car's path. With bystanders blocking the view, it's difficult to make out if lohan clips, grazes or misses him altogether. This tape helps lindsay lohan. It doesn't show her driving like a crazy person and mowing people down. Reporter: Here, rodriguez appears to be chasing after lohan's car. The fact he went after the car certainly won't help any civil case that he might bring. Reporter: Rodriez told police lohan went into a nearby nightclub after the two exchanged words. She was arrested about 2:30 that morning. Charged with leaving the scene and quickly released. Authority says they don't believe alcohol played a role in the incident. Detects tell abc news they cannot tell from the video if lohan made contact with rodriguez. The nypd is reportedly still awaiting rodriguez's medical records to see if he was actually hit by a car. He told "the new york daily news" that, quote, I was in so much pain, I fell to the side. He said doctors told him he suffered torn tendons. Now, lohan's publicist dismissed the claims. Telling abc news, quote, we are very confident lindsay will be cleared of all charges. And scrutiny will then shift to the american making he's allegations. The video's a little hard to see. But it doesn't appear too damaging. Thanks very much. Rob, thank you. Now, to the hunt for the

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{"id":17288983,"title":"Lindsay Lohan Arrested: New Video 'Helps' Actress","duration":"3:00","description":"NYPD video surveillance does not conclusively show Lohan hitting a pedestrian with SUV.","url":"/GMA/video/lindsay-lohan-arrested-video-helps-actress-17288983","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}