'Long Island Medium' Theresa Caputo on TLC Show, Her Gift

The reality show star talks about her abilities as a psychic medium.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for 'Long Island Medium' Theresa Caputo on TLC Show, Her Gift
-- says she hasn't captains and good afternoon America we are going to witness it firsthand and maybe even Josh -- myself -- Get involved in that yes indeed we -- too -- to -- she's dubbed the Long Island medium says she speaks to spirits. Conveys their messages to loved ones still with us joining us now -- The Long Island media Patricia -- -- Okay. The TT -- -- tell us how your gift works. I couldn't tell you I'd be lying if I told I had no idea how this -- I just so this is the way that I am this is the way that they always -- them. I was able to connect and feel things and whatever spirit has -- say what they make me feel means something to the person that I'm speaking to him so. You're on TLC -- doing the show which has become a huge head. Does it ever not happy and I do you -- feel pressure a performer. I know I can't -- because I look at it I'm not trying to prove anything to anybody. This is just and I -- I'm telling anybody anything I feel what I'm able to do was -- is bedecked physical being. For their loved ones to be able to show that they are still with us and that -- -- and at peace and that is that that's -- -- communicate like with the personality. And be funny in sound that that that's a great thing about spirit but I somebody lost their husband -- -- here. So anybody in the audience who wants to talk with Teresa about what do you know someone that -- the husband. Go -- we're gonna let you do your thing with the audience and get -- witness it firsthand. -- who -- who just recently passed connected TO. Yes. I'll cut six looked -- had it this far I -- I don't know. -- picked up that there was a husband and I was carrying the entire time. -- as the -- chose to come through for me so unfortunately your friend lost her husband and did he -- sided and not unexpected even if he was ill. His passing maybe she might had been fully prepared for. That makes sense so please -- this is just his opportunity of stepping -- acknowledging that he's at peace but more importantly that he's okay. Now -- If you're -- mom departed who's the mother figure few your Protestant and but -- -- so polite she says too recent -- -- think I could just think one thing to my daughter. So please know and are you talking to your mom when I came out. Yes good to she goes I'm very sorry Teresa a move would your -- personality apologetic it to be. She goes I'm sorry if I -- -- -- to bring -- -- has but. Mike to wonder she was just thinking Amaechi says she would be fighting confederates but I don't know what is your mom's -- -- stepping foot in acknowledging that she -- issue. See this thing about what I do. This is not about you believing our understanding human -- to it it's about you know we -- you have to -- -- -- to speak to your loved ones. I'm disabled to validate few that it is that idea apart from the -- that I -- -- -- -- you look very familiar. I could be that they think again. Yeah. I'm so it's just us knowing that they are somebody data also departed because your mother is yelling at him in the back to go to -- -- -- -- he's Conning me. And he's coming -- -- like I don't comedy put -- newspaper down flipped up the recliner and he's taken she's going I apologize for my husband's. The slow and yes it she says but he does it. Eight nothing has changed on the tennis I. Married yet but they're very adorable they're very -- your parents of a company acknowledging that they are together you still have your mom's -- Yeah have gotten so just know again validate that Asia's parent accepting -- acknowledged that they are still with you who lost the Sino who's the young -- that passed. Whose son passed. Well the young now we speaking to. Does this wouldn't talk to. It's just not what you -- -- -- I'm in the audience yeah.

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{"id":17173344,"title":"'Long Island Medium' Theresa Caputo on TLC Show, Her Gift","duration":"3:00","description":"The reality show star talks about her abilities as a psychic medium.","url":"/GMA/video/long-island-medium-theresa-caputo-tlc-show-gift-17173344","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}