Love Triangle Trial: Nanette Johnston Guilty

Nanette Johnston was convicted of murder nearly two decades after the crime.
2:47 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for Love Triangle Trial: Nanette Johnston Guilty
But now we're gonna turn to that verdict in the -- trial involving a former NFL star his lover and her wealthy fiance. And Ed Johnston was convicted of murder Monday found guilty of conspiring with a linebacker -- a -- to kill her fiance and collect on his millions. -- -- -- -- with more on that and buoyant this conviction was a long time coming. Absolutely it has been a while good morning Georgia took the -- five days to reach a verdict but nearly two decades have passed between the murder and Monday's conviction. For years there were no arrests until prosecutors took a second look at the evidence and the players in this case. Saying Johnston masterminded the murder plot hoping to clocked more than a million dollars in life insurance. Understand -- -- verdict in this case. These -- the words William McLaughlin daughters waited eighteen years to hear. We -- -- mean that intense action find the defendant guilty of the crime of murder first degree. -- -- Johnston the woman at the center of a love triangle gone horribly wrong. Was convicted of murder Monday for convincing her younger lover to kill her rich older fiance. This morning she's behind bars awaiting sentencing. William McLaughlin a 55 year old inventor and multi millionaire was shot to death inside his Newport Beach, California home nearly two decades ago. At the time he was living with Johnston than 25 year old model who prosecutors say it lured the lonely bachelor indoor relationship. After he answered this -- classified ad. The trial was a blockbuster with prosecutors unleashing on Johnston she knows that she's con artists are rip off point. Investigators unlock the cold case in part with this key. Saying just after 9 PM on December 15 1994. Johnson's lover a former NFL linebacker named -- posh ski. Used a copy of Johnston -- -- to enter the home she shared with McLaughlin shooting him six times. Prosecutors telling the jury the couple's motive was money. She -- a one million dollar life insurance policy on bill -- go off. Death equals. Money. She becomes a millionaire she becomes the golden goose the defense admitted Johnston may not have been faithful but said she wasn't a killer. Haters much -- you want to be thief and liar cheese. -- but everyone called her -- you can I didn't vote guilty based on past. That argument wasn't enough for the jury or the family. The jury only needed about three hours to deliberate this has been a long time coming and its closure for us. -- co conspirator and former lover -- posse was found guilty of first degree murder last year both are now slated to be sentenced on May eighteenth and George both could face life in prison. Fat girl -- thanks very much.

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{"id":15427585,"title":"Love Triangle Trial: Nanette Johnston Guilty","duration":"2:47","description":"Nanette Johnston was convicted of murder nearly two decades after the crime.","url":"/GMA/video/love-triangle-murder-trial-nanette-johnston-guilty-15427585","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}