Man Discusses Attempted Cliff-Side Rescue of Dog

Ivan Salas needed help after attempting to save his dog from falling off cliff.
5:46 | 12/30/11

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Transcript for Man Discusses Attempted Cliff-Side Rescue of Dog
Heart stopping cliffhanger that millions watch actually as it happened a teenager and his dog. -- -- -- middle screen clinging hopelessly to a steep and unstable hillside in Los Angeles and and ABC's Clinton's -- -- was witness to it all. Ivan solace body bent on his last night large plume of smoke dust and rocks just started helping this guy this thing about the size hill that he started to -- -- as well. Walking along this 300 foot high ridge with his dad and his dogs -- father threw a bottle over the edge. That's when -- his one year old German shepherd mix chased after it. Tumbling over -- tried to rescue work soon they were both stranded on steep dangerously unstable terrain. That's I've been trying to get to work as the mountain gives way under -- -- Watch his choppers move in hoping to -- -- and -- off the side of the -- they boarded the plan and the rotors kicked -- a shower of dust and rocks. With the about it they'll draft do we create another eroded yeah not -- -- -- Bob good they'll dead sort -- -- -- big. Or. As Ivan and -- hang on for their lives rescuers delicately inched their way closer attaching ropes and harnesses to keep them from falling further. First Lola was led to safety and finally -- one incredible moment Ivan and his rescuer made one last quite vocal dissent. Telling on the hillside as it collapses. Ivan was not injured he was able to walk the rest of the way out where we caught up with them -- Longoria hit two hours. As for coming to lawless rescue -- says he'd do it all over again it's not just. This -- what he won't do again he says -- go hiking with his dad. -- Good Morning America Clayton send out ABC news Los Angeles. -- thank you joining us now from Los Angeles. One lucky man I've been -- his dog -- and there rescuers there Oscar cessnas and Robert. Macinnis and gentlemen and Lola it is good to be with all of you this morning -- I wanna get to you and I just want to. Take you right back to that moment. That your father through that bottle over the edge what happen. All ones who threw the bottle. Of the dog then that there -- And then -- I saw light all of those going up silently go check on the dog and I saw -- -- I decide to go help -- -- And then -- Well -- sliding out carefully. I kind of slid down halfway that I got stuck in my done. You go over the edge and you can see that -- is stocks some. Distance down that canyon wall as you go down can you just described your descends. And what you managed to hang on to to stop yourself. All of -- sliding down on -- try to hold onto whatever I had. And then I managed to pull out to Iraq those stable inside the -- From there I just got low -- they knew it had. As you major way down was there a point before you got to Lola that you thought you might just go all the way down that you might just fall all together. All we when all the going halfway down that's an. Now the end for myself. It all going too -- and I couldn't stop. Did you think in that moment the union and done. When the helicopter that are asking me that's -- other night because. The -- is getting nervous who's taking a lot of and then -- all -- sliding down a slow. How close were you -- actually falling off. Law falls pretty roles that I think of an infectious. Nothing to hold onto Ellis really -- So any little mistake packages -- down how much longer do you think you -- lasted. To be honest -- -- when he minutes more. And I was tired and exhausted. Oscar I want to -- -- at first we see in fact in the piece there that the helicopters came in to try to airlift the dog and I've been to safety. But why why would they not able to do that. I was kind of impossible with all the rotor wash that was kicked in and the actual loose dirt and debris so maybe we decide to go as planned being have. You -- team in the firefighters going to be rescued. And then Robert. You actually got to the dog and you took the dog up. At that point is the -- just looking to get safe ground. Yes whom when I got down then to assist Oscar would -- making sure right -- -- secure repaired descent down. The dog was very nervous scared. And was basically just clinging on to whatever was hold onto it and then I -- we actually hurting Clinton's peace that you will -- like he again just not with your father what did you -- CDU when -- made it down safely to the bottom. Well he -- -- and then he is gaming money. But with the analysis. Why did you know I got happy with that why did -- give you money. Phone they knew of his fault could. House Lola by the way or -- it's fine he's calm and relax -- now. -- threat of maybe we stay away from canyon edges. In -- near future there Ivan -- and Lola it is great to you're both still with us today cost assessment as Robert -- We appreciate you joining us this morning. And I thank you. And they see that picture again. He was hanging on to virtually nothing for almost two hours but his muscles were shaped -- -- I can't imagine the relief of that first foot. On the canyon --

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{"id":15258747,"title":"Man Discusses Attempted Cliff-Side Rescue of Dog","duration":"5:46","description":"Ivan Salas needed help after attempting to save his dog from falling off cliff.","url":"/GMA/video/man-discusses-attempted-cliff-side-rescue-dog-15258747","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}