NY Woman Allegedly Ran Brothel

The suburban mom is accused of running a high-end brothel out of her home.
2:08 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for NY Woman Allegedly Ran Brothel
Now we're learning a lot more about the woman dubbed the Manhattan madam the suburban mom she's charge of running a high end Manhattan brothel out of her home for more than a decade. She took only millionaires -- clients and pocketed millions for herself but now she is behind bars if she's posters here with the story Paul. -- -- -- no credit cards were excepted in this business just cold hard cash that's right. Ana cristina's business with cash only -- over a fifteen year span she reportedly pocketed ten million dollars offer stable. The prostitutes. On the outside her life appeared like that of any other mother of four. Going to parent teacher conferences -- your kids to practice. Wearing jeans and flannel shirts but and a -- -- was anything but your typical housewife. This small walk up apartment is where authorities say Christina ran her call girl business for years. -- Playboy models and bragging to high powered clients she'd never be caught because she had friends and law enforcement. -- has a legitimate clients and nothing to do with a sex trade. And they try to throw everything and two of muddy up the waters. Her attorneys claim Christina was running I'm -- dating service but a judge Tuesday refused to lower her two million dollar bail. Calling her a flight risk -- lived quietly here in the suburbs on the -- road. Caring for rescued dogs and pigs her husband -- here in a FaceBook photo a realtor neighbors are shocked. I'm an onslaught in about an hour right does have -- -- at the end of the the talk -- the town. Many questions linger like who was cristina's business partner reportedly on the run this morning and the biggest question -- vault. Who -- Christine it's alleged high profile clients reportedly charge them 2000 dollars per visit. Some of whom may have been caught on police surveillance video during a five -- investigation. That is only beginning to unravel. We're -- is due in court may third and if convicted she faces seven years behind bars another layer. The district attorney believes that miners may have been involved in Robin George are basing this on a month of in depth surveillance. That are protective custody because. Yes because of a slight risk stuff.

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{"id":15866664,"title":" NY Woman Allegedly Ran Brothel","duration":"2:08","description":"The suburban mom is accused of running a high-end brothel out of her home.","url":"/GMA/video/manhattan-madam-ny-woman-allegedly-ran-brothel-15866664","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}