Marc Anthony Discusses Divorce, Working With J-Lo

Musician explains working with Jennifer Lopez shortly after filing for divorce.
3:55 | 02/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Marc Anthony Discusses Divorce, Working With J-Lo
Coming up on 815 and now -- -- Marc Anthony opening up about moving on but still stayed together after his breakup with Jennifer Lopez ABC's Chris -- Has their story. It's called -- even a talent search show ticking former husband and wife Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. And separate journeys to the countries of central and South America. Into the Caribbean. -- -- on the hunt for vibrant dancing playing and singing talent. Weekly representative of their native cultures. I'm -- the first meeting. Engineers looked at each other because who -- looking 41 of those passion projects that impacting cultural impact could could it just. You know would be significant. Chosen -- -- plane tickets to LA vie for a spot in an upcoming Las Vegas show. But not so chosen get to hear a superstar tell them no I really underestimated the. How comfortable it is to say no Jennifer brought it up -- first season of -- I was like you know the kind. -- didn't have a good audition is just to signals thankfully it -- Simpson. It's not that easy she probably had the most experience of all of us and saying now. I'm just saying not if com. At least noon it's an idea how housing initiative -- -- New idol Jennifer Obama I think has twins when he remembered because that is trying every -- Think -- different it was so until it's my girls who. Couldn't say no to those twins a good that's hysterical you know. Might -- -- and yes the answer is. No I couldn't see a lot of attention hope. For what why -- she busting your chops about casting the tweets and moved. Have an idea that -- And text and see what what what you know what was that -- How would you characterize your relationship now. Have a great relationship. Great working relationship -- well you know. This in shorthand. It's it's how we started we started working him. Did you have any point though you said wow maybe we shouldn't go ahead with the show for -- -- to be together the question was what would be like. -- -- -- -- -- You know go through this whole process in the middle of of what -- going through 88. His dislike it except you know -- everything angered unions you know just Jen Jennifer -- Genesis. That was -- -- But we get to see what's always been fun about the two of you when we see that banter back and forth absolutely. People always -- each other laugh. -- you know. Don't take things too seriously just Phillies busting each other shops and yet it's pretty much. How was. As Marc Anthony gives these fledgling performers hope this son of Spanish Harlem who -- for started himself we'll show some new signs. I think how -- and I -- about -- and dreams -- how. This. This -- I haven't yet. -- passion I have for. Supporting. Those dreamers that was extreme. -- -- that he will be presenting at the grammys with Fergie on Sunday and will be here on Monday to tell -- all about it Robin we can't wait have a great weekend prince -- you back here Saturday nights on -- and vision. Josh.

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{"id":15554825,"title":"Marc Anthony Discusses Divorce, Working With J-Lo","duration":"3:55","description":"Musician explains working with Jennifer Lopez shortly after filing for divorce.","url":"/GMA/video/marc-anthony-discusses-divorce-working-jennifer-lopez-15554825","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}