Marcus Samuelsson's New Year's Eve Appetizers

The top master chef shares some simple recipes for your big party.
4:19 | 12/30/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Marcus Samuelsson's New Year's Eve Appetizers
I and its New Year's Eve. Eve you can tell we're very eager to get this party started here entertaining you want great food you don't want to -- who want to enjoy everything here with a solution for all of it. Good friend of the show model. New American table -- found out of food republic dot com a very busy man and you're here to help us with some recipes we can kind of put together yet we can enjoy the parties that were throwing in -- I'm celebrating the -- so what can be embedded in finding the balance between sort of comfort food as a -- against -- -- You just have some meatballs and it's not just any meatball enemy blows my grandmother's -- very simple to make you haven't had to -- with some beef. -- to deport me gotta mix that together with some onions price than they're getting and -- get -- negative net. -- -- ago. Yes yes yes -- I'm an actor -- favorites and I don't -- good for big gusts. But it's fun it's something you can do in the morning to be done -- when he gives assault of -- you know what. You should go on the road together really good -- eight minutes. Big guy you got that and we -- done that -- beautifully they did just going to be just like it's right. Nice small Ron meatballs are gonna put them in the -- can cook them off. Gonna do. That was -- -- and when they win in. Nothing -- -- -- a bit of buddy Justin Levitt -- a lot. Because deplore it can all the fat cats and meatballs sort of help that fat -- you know we didn't -- coming out of sight that never held the fact that and then. We just gonna make it nice -- Solis made with the sort of a little bit up pixels. -- -- -- Get a -- with a -- and some -- building where roughly but I grew up I -- -- -- -- we -- moving on various that this is this is grandmother how does my grandmother had a and we sell them at the rooster. These people are still popular people -- All over to get -- moved forward there's a reason why. Either he finished product you about the -- Ought to look at it. It in the -- ago getting there and it's not. -- A look -- better than I do our daughter back to you just take -- toothpick or your hands hustle you mean that we have the fourth of July. You can talk to them -- yet out of that -- And you know when you think we -- to celebrate this this would be absolutely perfect fit some other -- monologue. Okay. Yeah. -- -- -- -- All right we have looked at -- you want to want it gets I looked down some very special look at America we have very. I gotta go on this right now he's like that got that nice I -- -- to set the -- off right thank you want to put birds and so simple and you just take some rye bread. -- a bit of cream cheese. And some locks and smoke Sandra nothing elegant lines I want that and sauces and giving how many an -- to -- little bit of the homeless -- that's still think you may and I don't want which begins a second yeah yeah that's the most amazing -- -- -- I don't mind the fly in the wave now are -- it's -- the man. That -- the party started thinking -- this so everybody's taking care about anybody and everybody has a favorite making go to a depth of thought it would somehow Ahmanson's them dried fruit from got some -- Within that bit of printed and -- them if you want to -- -- an -- some demanded Daniels again. You wanna talk so I do wanna pop you know its season with that trust and pomegranate how all of want to talk about it does Canada have a good -- will not Begin to mix a little bit on the grand. With some tangerine juice and if you -- problem with champagne and some rom the U wanna make it comfortable to hold that and -- -- -- -- -- having a family. Hey you don't have money without calling Tom and hey here's the markets in years. Thank you very much been my -- -- -- delicious and you this. Revenues are these really sweet glasses -- log onto the website Good Morning America doctor. --

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{"id":15259456,"title":"Marcus Samuelsson's New Year's Eve Appetizers","duration":"4:19","description":"The top master chef shares some simple recipes for your big party.","url":"/GMA/video/marcus-samuelssons-years-eve-appetizers-15259456","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}