Mariah Carey Loses 30 Pounds After Giving Birth

Entertainer explains how she lost her baby weight after giving birth to twins.
3:44 | 11/10/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mariah Carey Loses 30 Pounds After Giving Birth
It's Mariah Carey who lost thirty pounds after giving birth to twins I had the chance to talk to -- -- yes. She epitomizes. The word diva. Worth a whopping estimated half billion dollars. Is the best selling female artist of all time. But somehow Mariah Carey seems to juggle -- all the career marriage and now motherhood. But like so many women with the babies -- some unwanted weight. I caught up with a -- had to talk about her plans to lose -- her singing and our love of shoes. The person you copied my shoes today and only kidding we're having our we have a girl on memorial -- physically. Here is that coincidence is somewhat fitting Mariah says it was her love of all -- shoes and the fear of not being able to Wear them deal weight gain and edema. That motivated her recent weight loss. I did. Fear that I wouldn't since -- -- the same issues on the that I wouldn't be able to get back into -- -- boo -- sounds like -- walls full of shoes on two coasts. As you what your pregnancy what was the biggest shock about the changes your body. Hey here's I am so excited not to let him MIV addict -- I have been. I don't think he's seen meaning my fully making him that long because I just was like -- -- -- -- this is not the moment. How well Teddy Kennedy. And then came -- section anything they got an appointment like getting announced on -- thanks now. Re not getting a Medicare -- -- any -- good treatment. It is time it is really. Our own Barbara Walters recently got to spend time with Mariah and husband nick cannon's twins were rocking and -- otherwise known as McEnroe. Mood couldn't get so good -- that all just stop. There -- but Mariah says juggling the twins while being a sexy superstar left her with another challenge. Need to do feel pressure that you needed to lose -- -- quickly from me. I felt pressure from myself so she turned to Jenny -- again within three months has lost a staggering thirty pounds and counting the pictures speak for themselves. And she is now the newest Brandon Bass door for -- How Carl where you from -- goal weight. Honestly because it's so like to -- to my shorts from. Fencing video okay. And I have. I think even the -- recently -- an easy -- -- to touch my body to attack somebody -- Feel it touch my body sexy now has not -- diet. Tell -- this this half and that's is helping me. And two women you say may happen I say making that Paris this song I wrote -- accountability -- -- -- To make it happens I think resonates through because it comes no real place that's something I went through. I have to push through a lot of adversity in my life and this is just another and a -- Words from a woman who truly knows how to make it happen. She's gonna make it happen she's got those shorts from the fantasy video she said she's getting back in -- and working learning how -- and cannot wait to get back out and tour.

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{"id":14923315,"title":"Mariah Carey Loses 30 Pounds After Giving Birth","duration":"3:44","description":"Entertainer explains how she lost her baby weight after giving birth to twins.","url":"/GMA/video/mariah-carey-loses-30-pounds-giving-birth-14923315","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}