Mariah on Whitney: Rivalry Turned to Friendship

Star says duet with Houston helped to seal a strong friendship between singers.
3:36 | 02/21/12

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Transcript for Mariah on Whitney: Rivalry Turned to Friendship
The legendary Mariah Carey is with us this morning moving only unknown -- -- -- of the -- They're here and around and keep -- and the whole the whole look let me ask you about missing -- but what was it like working with. It's. I'm almost incapable of talking about this to I think we where. You know it's it's it's very heavy emotion especially just looking at that little bit. A bus to get them but. It was great and I don't think people could ever understand our relationship or really you know there was always -- -- in rivalry in the beginning and then we didn't do it and we became friends and I saw her towards the end and you know I left and -- loved him at all inspired by Pam to union machinists and peace in. Her -- coming off from Palin's of that beautiful home going you -- it was Saturday such a class act to improve the way she went out and -- -- delicate. I was. -- and his coach of the failed -- such as she lived there. We have. So and thank you for sharing that I know that difficult -- would save you February is. As Hartmann -- -- and people need to remember that women die from heart I think more than any other F one person every 34 seconds dies of heart disease. And it's a big -- I think they showed that public service announcement that I did before. And it's important I found out other stuff that I didn't know. And after going through -- giving birth to twins and -- and knows it's great we -- Yeah baby yeah they don't let you fail to act and ask him and then it hit the third and -- -- -- -- -- -- Thumb but -- so it's a really important issue and I think now more than ever people need to focus on health aspect -- just. Life people who become a little bit more aware you know of that I want to play a little bit more. -- that public service announcements and it's very very powerful here this. Had -- known every 34 seconds someone has -- every forty seconds someone -- stroke. It doesn't have to be that way every day there's hope. Sign me and the American Heart Association and get serious about your heart and count. That this soap -- you couldn't look at that yeah -- with my friend Daniel. I love doing stuff like that but I never I don't usually talk about who doesn't mind that he's gonna -- -- saying -- -- that -- we don't want to get. I don't know but that's to show you create decided and I notices of a project that is very very -- in my heart I am an unintended signal I read today because it is -- -- -- but I. Next -- from wounds. But when you talk about it's about getting healthy yes you look you can look great in lot of people I know you -- with Jenny Craig yes yes and -- them yeah absolutely. But this is about. Health has yet those two as opposed to just the exterior it's about getting to place within yourself as well as mainly you feel good. Because the exterior yes -- want to look at and I'm still -- from my goals and trying to get there and stuff for you know. Regular person you know how sure to follow. As well are we are work. In progress yes we have so much more that we're gonna come back and talk to about it had -- known -- he was only. Had his health issues and you've been very. Out -- with bad as he has millions -- -- talk about that rebel talk about the babies and when you have -- to get some -- music as people I really. -- -- And although I had to go sing gotta get -- didn't lose much more with this stunning right here.

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{"id":15756938,"title":"Mariah on Whitney: Rivalry Turned to Friendship","duration":"3:36","description":"Star says duet with Houston helped to seal a strong friendship between singers.","url":"/GMA/video/mariah-carey-whitney-houston-rivalry-turned-friendship-15756938","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}