Marilyn Monroe's 'Lost Scrapbook' Revealed in Newsweek

Priceless photos and handwritten notes will be revealed in the magazine's Jan. 9 issue.
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Marilyn Monroe's 'Lost Scrapbook' Revealed in Newsweek
A mouthful of steak. Ginger, thanks. To that rare find from one of the most fascinating movie stars ever. A long lost scrapbook belonging to marilyn monroe stocked with revealing photographs, her own writing and a startling secret has been revealed and abc's chris connelly goes inside the covers. Reporter: "Newsweek" magazine is calling it the lost scraook. A personal keepsake of marilyn monroe photographs. She was huge. She was beautiful, gorgeous and embodied so much of hollywood and power. Reporter: Wearing a dress or just a towel in these images, marilyn selected them herself then gave them in booklet forms a birthday gift to photographer sam shaw with her own witty handwritten just between us captions scrawled in crayon, a girl has no privacy when she works, reads one. Another winkingly referencing sidney skulski a gossip columnist of the era and mmm, dreaming of you, sam. These are the photos she chose and the feelings she had. The discovery is also significant because it's the first time we're really understanding her relationship with sam shaw. Reporter: So the big question, for marlin and sam shaw, were they lovers? One man tells "newsweek" yes. Lawrence schiller who took photographs of marilyn during "something's got to give." In the magazine he says sam shaw gave him the lost scrapbook in 1973 and adds, "he even con fighted in me that at one point he'd had an affair with marlin." Shaw who died in 1999 may be best known for snapping this shot of marilyn over a subway during the filming of "the seven year itch." The subway, it's amazing. Reporter: The marlin millions prefer to remember is showcased in the lost scrapbook where she remains disarmingly clever, effortl effortlessly sexy and endlessly mesmerizing. For abc, chris connelly, los angeles.

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{"id":21459759,"title":"Marilyn Monroe's 'Lost Scrapbook' Revealed in Newsweek","duration":"3:00","description":"Priceless photos and handwritten notes will be revealed in the magazine's Jan. 9 issue.","url":"/GMA/video/marilyn-monroes-lost-scrapbook-revealed-newsweek-21459759","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}