7 Marines Killed in Arizona Helicopter Collision

The Marine Corps says two helicopters collided during night training.
1:11 | 02/23/12

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Transcript for 7 Marines Killed in Arizona Helicopter Collision
Latest on -- mid air tragedy. In Yuma Arizona overnight Martha. George very sad news this morning this shows how dangerous the job of the US military is whether in war or in training. The seven Marines from Camp Pendleton. Were part of a training mission in the desert of Yuma Arizona last night where a lot of training takes place. It was about 8 PM there it was of course very dark there were two helicopters. A cobra attack helicopter and -- Huey helicopter. The helicopters collided in mid air which is easy to do in the dark killing all onboard no one on the ground was injured. These are helicopters that are used extensively in Afghanistan and they war in Iraq. And the training is always extensive and it is also very difficult. This is of course another shot to a military community that has already lost so many and George of course. They will continue with training like this they need those helicopters in Afghanistan. And really all over the world but sad news this morning George.

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{"id":15774649,"title":"7 Marines Killed in Arizona Helicopter Collision","duration":"1:11","description":"The Marine Corps says two helicopters collided during night training.","url":"/GMA/video/marines-killed-arizona-helicopter-collision-15774649","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}