Mario Batali on Preparing Obama's Last State Dinner

The chef and co-host of "The Chew" dishes on the meal; plus, find out which Halloween candy is America's favorite.
13:28 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for Mario Batali on Preparing Obama's Last State Dinner
Okay, what I'm bringing to the table is really what Mario batali is bringing to the table at the white house tonight. He prepared the Obama's final state dinner which will honor the Italian prime minister and I looked at the menu, you know, and I'm going to read the menu. Agnolati, piccorino, brac ichiroli. Basically it's a bunch of stuff I can't pronounce but it sounds delicious. Anybody know what kind of pasta that is. Little pillows. Like baby raf rallies. That's delicious. In any pasta is good pasta. I don't care how it's shaped All sounds Italian but everything is used with American ingredients because it's the white house. Wow. If you were going to host a party like this a state dinner who would you have prepare it and what wow ask for. Marcus samuelsson. I get him first. I get to pick him first. Oh, yes. Marcus, Marcus. If this would be a restaurant you definitely would be the guest, you should eat the food and George should sell the food. But you prepared Obama's first state dinner. So what goes into this meal? Well, you know, it's a lot of preparation and everything getting checked, the right ingredients get in and right now, you know it's such a big honor and Mario has done so much but this still would be a day that he'll always remember. For me it's one of the biggest honors I've had to cook for our president and the first lady. Marcus, you're such a terrific chef. But knowing Mario, having been there, will he have a case of the nerves today? A little bit. I mean a little bit nervous is not bad. It's a big occasion but then you have to control your staff. Basically we had -- it's like four course, you have 44 minutes, not 45. And, you know you got to plate 400 dishes right away and then, boom, then on to something else, right. So it's really about timing, organization and not being too nervous. And how much input did the first lady and president have on the menu? Oh, Michelle is the boss, you know that. What are you talking about? You know that, George. No, she -- with our dinner she just started her initiative with let's move so focused a lot on vegetables, we had a lot of vegetables and I see that Mario has a lot of vegetables in this dinner as well so this initiative about healthy and better food for our country is definitely coming through on this menu as well. But he also has tiramisu so a little injuly Jensen not so bad. He'll be there in his Orange crocs. And he will be in his Orange cro och cros ch crocs. Good luck. Sweet, bring it in, boys. What. Halloween. Oh. Just around the corner. Everybody here like candy, raise your hand if you like a little sweet treat? I know you do. I will make sure we share. Fun little story wondering if you guys know what is the favorite candy, Halloween candy in your home state. I think it's given away by what we have in front of us. Did you know beforehand? No. Sweet tarts are my total favorite. My go to in CVS. One of my favorites too the Hershey kisses, perfect. I was born in Massachusetts, starburst, grew up in Ohio, milky way but my favorite from Michigan, m&ms. I do love candy. Peanut m&ms. This is Texas but I got to say you can have that. That's not for me. I don't like candy corn. I'll eat one more. I like it because I'm very mature and like to to do this. You know, that one tooth like that would be counted me as a vampire, one long tooth in the middle. I love sour patch kids and love m&ms. My two favorites. You play golf in New Jersey. Yes, I do. That's the candy of new Jersey. That's why I like New Jersey. That's all I had. I was looking for an excuse to bring out candy to my favorite people so I'll pass out. You guys move on. You do that. Here we go. While you guys are handing out the candy, let me tell you about something that we're bringing you this morning. Jarrius Robertson is one inspiring teenager who caught the eye of his favorite football team and mine. I'm talking about the new Orleans saints. Who dat nation rise but he's got the strength, you know, he is a little guy but has the strength of someone like you a hall of famer. We'll talk to him and have some surprises for him but first jarrius' story. Hi, brother. Reporter: Jarrius Jair isn't your average New Orleans saints fan. I'm your size. Reporter: What you call a St. Super fan. Have wheels. We'll put one of those in. Touchdown. Reporter: He attends practices and games and even shows them a little tough love. You're trying to do stuff thaw can't do. You're trying to be Mr. Showoff. Reporter: This quality time with his favorite team keeps jarrius' spirits up as he faces a serious illness, the 14-year-old has been battling chronic liver disease his entire life which has affected his physical growth and he's currently on the waiting list for a liver transplant. In the hospital for 7 to 14 days is kind of rough for a kid. Reporter: He met the St. One year ago during one of his extended hospital stays at Ochsner hospital for children. You two guys to hit as hard as you can. Reporter: And he made a lasting impression. Way to go. Are you ready to go and his dad. It's game time. Game time for jarrius Robertson, come on. Game time. All right, man. Have a seat. Have a seat. Oh. This feels good. Does it feel good? La-z-boy. It is. Nothing but the best for you, jarrius. So tell us, you know, the first time you met the St. I heard you couldn't even sleep the night before the nurses told you that they were coming to the hospital. Tell us about that time. Well, before everything started, I couldn't sleep because I wanted to know who was coming until the nurse spilled the beans and then they told me and when they got there, I was like, I was very excited because that was my very first time meeting them in person. And in that piece it looked like you were giving them some good tips. Were you giving them tough love. Yeah, because you have to be tough or you're going to be soft. You tell it good. I'm scared of him. You should be. I got down in a three-point stance and said you want to go and he said, I'll hurt you. I'm good. I hear you do a mean drew Brees imper nation. What is your -- On the video game he goes a little like this. Okay. We're New Orleans saints, we're going to do what we do play what why do. We be us, we be strong and then he says New Orleans. Yeah. And then -- Okay. Not yet. Not only that, but -- Wait, there's more. On the line he always licks his hand before he touch the ball. I don't know why but he does. He goes like this. Red 90. Ohio. Then he do that. You've been paying attention. Hey, you know -- But I know you have a special motto that you want to share with everybody. What's your Otto. It takes lives to save lives. It takes lives to save lives. That means -- What does that mean. That means like people go out and donate anything like blood, organ, kidney or liver and it can save somebody else's life. Yeah. You know -- Amen. That's true. And you know, my sister donated her stem cells to me and that was a way of saving someone's life so I understand what you're going through and we're here for you and I know that your dad, Jordy, you want to talk about that about how people, people can save other people's lives. Our motto is it takes lives to save lives. Something me and jarrius decided and started to reach people through social media, contacting them, word of mouth. Anything to get the word out that becoming an organ donor can help save a lot of people's lives. That's rue. Throughout the whole ordeal, the New Orleans saints have been there for us, they have been our inspiration, our backbone. They call and check up on him. They're our next home. Who dat nation. Who dat nation. Who dat nation. You know, well, we have some special people joining us from that who dat nation. We have head coach Sean Payton, quarterback drew Brees and defensive end cam Jordan. Cam Jordan. Yes. Wow. Okay. I don't think I've ever been happier than I am right now. You know how much I love my beloved New Orleans St. And to see them all here and have jarrius here too. What was so special, cam and drew, so special about this little guy right here who is with us? I mean, the first time I met him he came in and just really hit me with that reel. You need to get in there and sack the quarterback. This is what you got to do. You can't fall off, cam. What are you doing, man? You know, that's just eye opening, you know. And for you, drew. Jarrius has been to -- jarrius has to been to about four or five practices and every time I get some type of coaching point and sent me a selfie video there from New York telling us that we need to quit making these games so close. We need to try, you know, put in a few more points between, you know, at the end of the game so we can -- we don't make it so scary, but now love having jarrius out here. He's such an inspirational young man, his strength, his attitude and he's welcome out here any time. We love him. You know, he gave a great impersonation of you and robin said she's excited to see you guys. I'm excited to see you because you're not in uniform and not getting beat like a drum so and Sean, you coach with the giantss when I was with the giantss and I know, you know, you've had a lot of success down in new Orleans and I'm so glad to see you take jarrius under your wing down there. I know you have something special for him so I'll let you take it away. It's simple now as a coach, you love it when you see someone with his energy. He is on everyone's butt. Trust me. So we're going to sign jarrius today to a contract to become a New Orleans saint. Today, right here, right there in New York. Right here. There you go. There you go. Sign it. You don't have to tell me twice. Head coach, tell him what his first assignment is going to be, coach. Hey, he's got an assignment. It's significant. You, jarrius, you and your father are coming with us, the St., this weekend to Kansas City and you are going to be our social media correspondent, heck, we're going to put you in charge of all the media. You're just going to be in charge of the media. Big job, jarrius. Oh, man. Well, hey, we know you guys can't see his reaction but he just did some dance, I don't think I've ever seen. How about that? Oh, guys, thank you so much. Michael, Michael, you have to watch it. Absolutely. You know what, thank you, guys, so much and this is a great -- it's very hard not to be a fan of the who dat nation after this but I tell you that? Thank you. Thank you. It really is but I got to say, you guys, you guys are a great example of sports and doing things the right way and really using your platform to help other people and, jarrius, congratulations, you're now an official member of the new Orleans saints, baby. Thank you all very much.

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{"id":42871060,"title":"Mario Batali on Preparing Obama's Last State Dinner","duration":"13:28","description":"The chef and co-host of \"The Chew\" dishes on the meal; plus, find out which Halloween candy is America's favorite.","url":"/GMA/video/mario-batali-preparing-obamas-state-dinner-42871060","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}