Comedian Gives Up Cell Phone for a Week

Mark Malkoff talks about his no phone challenge in conjunction with US Cellular.
3:00 | 02/10/14

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Transcript for Comedian Gives Up Cell Phone for a Week
Since last Wednesday our guest comedian mark not -- -- been living as he put it. Like it's 1988. Without the parachute into the -- I'm looking up with US failure for an experiment and and that I can -- imagine doing that note this is really pulling off the grid so that means cell phone free for a little to no calls no -- no apps. That's -- the whole experiment experiments experience -- YouTube. And -- Larry strategies to stay in touch so let's welcome mark everybody but it. How one good thing I -- -- -- part of the mount Turnbow now indicted felon they. I just want my -- -- where we ask gosh eighteen with US cellular newfound talent -- -- what they survivors of domestic my wife has -- mind has been going a little thing like -- can. Thanks Sarah went out right now that's what can -- -- -- yeah. I didn't expect to. For even doing as he says have been but you're almost there I'm almost there I have I think it's when he seven hours sixteen minutes and three seconds at an encounter and no reports back that allows us firsthand that an experiment probably anyone -- really mean -- difficult thing since its toughest. Actually in New York City get -- around GPS. I had an appointment yesterday that person didn't show up and commit check my email I couldn't check my vote. It's been really tough I use my phone as an alarm as well also in the morning my current method of -- in the morning as my cat licking my face not the -- You know what's the biggest adjustment when you think about he. Our phones really I won't feel the state taxpayers firstly she noticed it texting my wife I use my phone to my mobile phone to keep in touch with people like text a lot at. Emails and I just we will cut off from my friends and family that was the biggest thing in the video -- -- US cellular site. I'm trying to replicate FaceBook I went to Times Square the other day with a megaphone and -- that -- status to tourists what did you think I said what I had for breakfast. I think it -- people -- who. I really -- wouldn't comment warm -- your wife because a lot of people take to FaceBook -- do that and it's really knowing that he. Yeah and pick -- -- -- sometimes it it's our anniversary Levy so much -- a rollover until sweetie yeah yeah whatever and I love Christine. Yeah saying yeah. There's gotta be positive to it so that there is no other positive things I mean what's positive things is that about this is that -- kind of realize that how much I use my phone -- amateur alignment. Right but without it and there's no way you're not gonna go back to. Oh my god I can't wait to have my vote could you guys don't like ten minutes about your phone's not Israelis and yet mine's gone I don't know what's happening. I have a hard time and I mean Ed Dickson and really it's like at societal issues -- I -- it yet basically to keep in touch with people just and the hardest thing is using paper to you see somebody using a papal. In New York City -- -- quarters by the -- -- an ordinary -- -- dollar. -- the guy that's been stocking up on pure hell -- -- and using a pay -- -- -- president though because when headlines when I'm watching TV even -- I'm enjoying it I'm enjoying the company I find myself down here. You feel your little more president around people doing things are really -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Such conduct of my friends and -- weapons of anything it's making me realize how much I. But not for -- before. And yet they are all like -- up on the yeah. How many that it might have a disease if you haven't -- you've got something it's a close I don't I -- that's seen one there's still 5000 I think seven of the more. Okay. By getting still exist in New York City -- going to be using when and a few minutes and for those of you watching that don't notable bonus here's well yeah. I -- -- -- parents called me yesterday dates to check in and he didn't know I was really doing this and I went Christie who has my phone -- -- Tony -- my phone is in my house I have no idea. She had atomic arsenal park can't talk to you and potentially what do you mean there -- signing gave birth death and talk to them so. You know -- very -- that is very strange kind of in Nicosia is gonna say hi real quick and he had spent. For you what though you have every wouldn't pick the army documents that I'm not -- not -- -- I mean what's been most positive thing for you the -- the positive things not -- I mean. I don't know eyes off the top -- had I think of my -- I could have stopped again but liked -- a call like he was out of the house. Felt like a number of hours Saturday and I had a pressing question -- gosh I have to wait till they get come like I cannot ask him this is a simple question any kind of answered right now. And I can't do I have to -- So let them immediately yeah is that the yeah -- -- you -- no phone. We think carrier pigeon to try to connect. That's completely entertainment I now I am beside myself at a press challenge congratulation I think you ginger added that will be watching -- US -- replaced it -- yes you can check out the all the videos at US cellular dot com. -- and they are really company you expect don't know that -- my favorite song. How many hours Natalie got a couple more minutes to adopt -- hit and 27 towers thirteen minutes and how many seconds six. Mean who has said that's it from their people -- support. So does support in my mouth 'cause I think seems he's going to be a lot of yeah.

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{"id":22442896,"title":"Comedian Gives Up Cell Phone for a Week","duration":"3:00","description":"Mark Malkoff talks about his no phone challenge in conjunction with US Cellular.","url":"/GMA/video/mark-malkoff-us-cellular-phone-challenge-comedian-give-22442896","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}