'Mary Tyler Moore' Reunion on Betty White's Show 'Hot in Cleveland'

Mary Tyler Moore, Valerie Harper, Betty White and Cloris Leachman work together once again.
3:06 | 09/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Mary Tyler Moore' Reunion on Betty White's Show 'Hot in Cleveland'
tyler moore show." The stars of that show will join betty white this wednesday for the season finale of her tvland hit, love this show "hot in cleveland." Even though 40 years have passed these ladies remain as close and as funny as ever. ♪ for seven seasons mary tyler moore turned the world on with her smile. This is my apartment. Reporter: And her gal pal, rhoda, phyllis, suzanne made you laugh. It's not a surprise party. She expected it. Expected! Reporter: Now four decades after the show took its final bow, the ladies are together again on an episode of "hot in cleveland" playing former bowling teammates with betty white. We're champions. Reporter: Abc's katie couric caught up with them behind the scenes sfwluf's gone from cold in minneapolis to "hot in cleveland." What's it like working together after 40 years. Heaven. Reel really heaven. None of us have changed. It's amazing we can be together. It's remarkable. You become even more than family. When you think back on the show, why do you all think it resona resonated? So reflected life, katie. In the '70s women were living differently. You know it is a drag. I know. I know. Mary had been dumped about i a boyfriend and she was trying to make it on her own. Reporter: And she made it. During its run, "the mary tyler moore show" racked up 29 emmys making it one of the most successful tv shows of all time. You've got spunk. Well -- I hate spunk. Reporter: They say they don't take their legacy or friendship for granted. In. I don't have a lot of symptoms and doctors are looking at that so we're progressing. Reporter: Harper announced her body is reacting better to treatment than expected and could be close to remission. I'm not a believer in the good old days. This is the best day? Why? Because here we are and I look around at these girls and i just -- my heart fills up with so much -- looking at you. Happiness and love and celebration and what life really is. Get your hand off mary's knee. Harper's message, live each day to the fullest. I'm looking for a couple of bras. Reporter: On the set of "hot in cleveland" that's exactly what she and old friends did. ♪ Love is all around no need to fake it you can have it why don't you take it ♪ ♪ you're going to make it after all ♪ nice work. They all look so fantastic and as we said that very special episode of "hot in cleveland" airs this wednesday on tvland. You can also see all of katie couric's interview on "katie" wednesday so check your local listings for show times on that.

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{"id":20134828,"title":"'Mary Tyler Moore' Reunion on Betty White's Show 'Hot in Cleveland'","duration":"3:06","description":"Mary Tyler Moore, Valerie Harper, Betty White and Cloris Leachman work together once again.","url":"/GMA/video/mary-tyler-moore-reunion-betty-whites-show-hot-20134828","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}