Do The Math: Danica McKellar is Awesome

Danica McKellar stops by to talk about life after "The Wonder Years" and how she's teaching young girls to love math
3:00 | 12/19/13

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Transcript for Do The Math: Danica McKellar is Awesome
-- looks to encourage girls into his sixth -- and loved math. And how did that come about I love math are my husband's college and I knew that -- -- It will present company entertaining way yeah I can get the books of 1990 is that math books and -- that -- I want to read books that I wish that I had. Except it was fun in -- development in my life. I wanted to be reading -- dean has not notebooks and -- I thought let's combine that I love and I came and I love -- let's bring them together and they inspired a teacher Kathy t.'s current that's. Girls are getting paid employees he's been -- But is also about building that companies that comes -- feeling Smart and what. What I think it did for you was such an antidote for you from certain -- The vagaries of Hollywood if you will -- everyone agrees that Jack did you couldn't work you could solve a problem you could figure it out and you could feel. This -- -- -- as a result. It's violently -- accomplishment yeah I'm and so Michelle actors don't have openly that the program monsters -- -- to find me now I can make it's on my Allen and and that you don't have to but on television. As a teenager to -- -- that treat our Andy searching for ways feeling strong and capable so that's why the books or other girls and like any pre Christmas presents.

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{"id":21275574,"title":"Do The Math: Danica McKellar is Awesome","duration":"3:00","description":"Danica McKellar stops by to talk about life after \"The Wonder Years\" and how she's teaching young girls to love math","url":"/GMA/video/math-danica-mckellar-awesome-21275574","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}