Matt Goss Debuts New Album 'Life You Imagine'

English songwriter and singer reveals the latest on his music.
1:11 | 06/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Matt Goss Debuts New Album 'Life You Imagine'
We have a big "Gma" welcome for Matt Goss. You might him from "The bros" or heard about his hot show at caesars palace in Las Vegas. Sold out every show every weekend for the last six years. Brand-new album "Life you imagine" and so happy he's here with us. You got here from overnight in Las Vegas. We did a show, got on a plane and came here. Honored to be here. We're honored to have you. All wanted to share our condolences over your mom. We know you lost her last week. She had a long struggle with cancer. We had a long fight and she's at peace. My best friend in the world and we lost her on Monday. But it was a very, very long fight for her but she was dignified until the very end and means everything to me and she wanted to watch this performance so this is for her. The song you are bea to play is in honor of her. It's called "Strong." You've been playing it to inspire others who are fighting similar battles. It's -- being strong is not just about being strong. It's about acknowledging your weaknesses and about the shame and the joy and everything within your life and I think the way you get to be strong is to go through that journey and that's what this song is about is the journey to being strong.

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{"id":23955131,"title":"Matt Goss Debuts New Album 'Life You Imagine'","duration":"1:11","description":"English songwriter and singer reveals the latest on his music.","url":"/GMA/video/matt-goss-interview-2014-singer-debuts-album-life-23955131","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}