Menacing Cloud Captured in Time Lapse Video

Video shows a wave-like cloud rolling through Bozeman, Mont.
1:16 | 10/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Menacing Cloud Captured in Time Lapse Video
-- video of what looks like an ominous cloud rolling through Bozeman Mont. Now that it. Is some would say like a shell out and it's usually a -- -- -- boundary that looks like that or an outflow boundary of a thunderstorm. But when you see it it's a clear line that it goes right. -- and there's a gusty winds was there any rain announce is big big tell us that -- -- moved through fairly dry. But it wasn't substantial change in air mass which makes me think right away that it's it's a cold front boundary. We did incredible pictures now Chris folks are with their -- iphones or their whatever they are. That they -- and they take the pictures and you're just saying with -- this morning or yesterday morning -- blend together that you weren't you were telling your producer Darcy. We got the most amazing photos on Twitter today -- -- people -- you amazing weather I -- and it really you know we've been doing it for a long time but it really just took off like every morning people -- citizens and -- so -- learn whether if you would do me a favor because as lawyers and pardon -- lawyers because my -- a lawyer -- you know one half -- and -- and -- -- lawyers -- -- pardon -- lawyers -- you make everything difficult to understand. -- -- -- -- -- What you would stand for Sam hash tag for Sam then that gives us permission to use that picture otherwise we have to ask you now. Did I mention thank you lawyers -- --

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{"id":20434607,"title":"Menacing Cloud Captured in Time Lapse Video","duration":"1:16","description":"Video shows a wave-like cloud rolling through Bozeman, Mont.","url":"/GMA/video/menacing-cloud-captured-time-lapse-video-20434607","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}