Miami Heat Star Dwyane Wade on New Book, 'A Father First'

The basketball champion opens up about being a single dad in his new book.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Miami Heat Star Dwyane Wade on New Book, 'A Father First'
Two time NBA champion with Miami Heat. Now he's opening up about his role as a terrific single that in his new book. A father first how my life -- bigger than basketball everybody welcome are trying to -- -- -- away. Okay okay. It was just it was just it just doesn't look that told -- -- because -- a free people. -- -- -- I don't panel TV things. Congratulations -- -- number two my friend. There are. Big to congratulation -- about. The ball but. Really congratulations on the book and he then I looked at as a dad myself did love and compassion that you have to -- children is a really it's it's wonderful and -- one. This is a labor of love I'm -- guess what major want to write this book. First of all thank you -- appreciate -- And I just I think others use my life experiences and understand and the platform that. I kind of want to share his wife. Because I understand. Those a lot of -- stood still with things and I'm -- -- a lot of you know and -- still that was on the similar situations and -- one of this year you know my experiences and and to kind of give someone. You know in the sense. You know some to look at and say you know what I'm going -- -- when we see how someone else is going to how they do and how to handle it. And we cannot vote when when I use with a powerful that I have does so this is a positive light on when you have to fatherhood don't have been there. I want to talk to my kids adorable boys ages ten to live on ten and five to had a you do -- what's your secret. To juggling your busy schedule as an NBA player champion -- also love the most important job Paul being gripped. Did -- -- -- world the bigger than and I'm not perfect. And on this later on -- made mistakes but I think the biggest thing about new dollar from my kids and learn how to be -- parent. But in -- and I would I react and act to the things they do. We didn't get into your car accident data have they gone -- to get. They act does not -- traveling to fix it Miami Heat and they get here that you beginning if you try to bring him on games Abraham has as much as a candidate went out of school yeah what has cooled because enough a lot of games and late at night and yeah maybe -- -- that I know thanks for keeping my -- Yeah so much is actually in this a lot of gains of well home games now when I'm on the world they maybe they have gets a few because I'm not there good. You know -- they missed a lot of home games million in the wake of morning news notes the -- internally is pinning him to BBC everything's okay -- pretty this kid everybody. Obviously the idea -- we want to play could get rid of but there's a revelation in this book that. Shocked me and still does -- write and I do quote to this day birds freaked me out. Way I -- he has this huge. Like -- is like your mom walking outside -- the -- around there are coming from me. They don't plan would like big comeback for me like they -- -- little -- go to wanted to know. And -- -- of your partners in the NBA are gonna thank you now and -- open up your locker and no. But I know that's not that's not right I don't. The -- but let's listen. I didn't get good health was good yeah yeah of them Umbria the backs of the do you think China to play you weren't an Oregon yes you read -- I -- -- -- handed out of Iraq -- game we now call out what's the word actually first time we're gonna -- those that don't worry about it it's gonna work out fine in the end. Puts its word association show some pictures you tell us what first. -- a picture alone makes this is like therapy for -- -- so just first thing that comes out don't don't -- back. Right picture number one. It's way it. Did you get the fashion is the glasses and you get away from you know we're very strong very extra cash is important yes and very very award chosen in the -- -- In the finals. Good -- as good -- but it worked for me yeah thank you. Time magic -- was -- -- nor did didn't work so well for the heat or for the thunder around his the maps of the thunder at number two big -- it's -- big one. See that's well eyewear watches without you -- -- him up to about what he told us so we simply -- they've got a lot of people have different David Hasselhoff what -- who is this is cause was under you know Michael. And you and your what you're really saying he'd gotten through some tough times did I was you know we -- -- -- drama time together when I was growing up it was kind of like you know every time -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in my -- time -- count my time away. From the streets you know that I grew up in Holland -- to -- -- going arousal. -- -- came on real Montgomery from the TV so if you could say something stand there has thought about what you got DNA. Actually did a -- to a and you know what we're gonna run into him again David. Thought everybody yeah. The duties. Probably you both. -- Yeah that's it shouldn't it say it's a good television that's a good trade tell -- the car so. Grow quickly when you hear stories like this and I -- I was send a message like I'm right there with you when he doesn't that. As in the field. You know hey -- -- the the rather -- Victor -- You know. Bring -- maybe it's going. -- Plans there -- policies do -- -- -- these are very honest book these. I -- god. It's part of our net and I'm sure businesses sports you know real -- speeches are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- Think about -- organically and anything in the final numbers are rented by though look at crazy stalker -- I was so excited to play -- there's closing value -- appreciate. You know they -- -- that he played obviously but. And if you got to do a lot and I love told them you know at that time you know I was a huge -- and it gave me a vision and -- -- what I wanted to do what -- to become. What -- -- -- appreciate that I mean there won't know how impressionable we are two keys we are role models and it was a remodeled something yeah -- Aggressively. Heading in. One of the great players. In the NBA and one agreed to -- again -- Right now. And yeah. Thanks to -- and -- heat. On ESPN November 2 taken on my New York yeah. Okay.

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{"id":17162338,"title":"Miami Heat Star Dwyane Wade on New Book, 'A Father First'","duration":"3:00","description":"The basketball champion opens up about being a single dad in his new book.","url":"/GMA/video/miami-heat-star-dwyane-wade-book-father-17162338","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}