Mice Linked to Hantavirus Outbreak at Yosemite National Park

Scientists scramble to warn recent visitors of the iconic American park.
3:00 | 09/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mice Linked to Hantavirus Outbreak at Yosemite National Park
Now, to one of the most beautiful places in this country, where a fatal virus is spreading this morning, a virus that has killed a third person. And scientists are scrambling to warn tens of thousands of others who visited yosemite national park. John muller is on the story. Reporter: Good morning, dan. This has gone global. The u.S. Authorities have sent warnings that citizens may have been exposed to a deadly virus with no cure. Thousands across the u.S., Also being warned. Throughout the park, warnings posted. Park rangers flaggg motorists as they enter. But the greatest danger is for those who already left yosemite. Tens of thousands now at risk. This is possibly the greatest which has occurred, certainly, in the united states, that I'm aware of. Reporter: So far, eight people have come down with the hantavirus. Three of them have died in states as far flung as california, pennsylvania and west virginia. And there could be more cases as far away as france. The main outbreak traced to the popular curry village campsite, where rhodens burroed into tents. Now, a second site. Warnings like these went out to 10,000 people who visited curry village since june. Late this week, notices went out to an additional 19 visitors at tuolome visitors. 29,000 park visitors in all, all being warned about the hantavirus symptoms. They include fever, fatigue, and chills at first. They give way to coughing, breathing problems as the lungs filled with fluid. I had a mouse run across my head. Scared me pretty good. The only way for someone to contract hantavirus, is to breathe in particles of mouse feces and fluid. Reporter: It's easy to think the initial symptoms are a common flu. While there's no cure, early detection, as well as supervision, when a life is on the line.

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{"id":17189872,"title":"Mice Linked to Hantavirus Outbreak at Yosemite National Park","duration":"3:00","description":"Scientists scramble to warn recent visitors of the iconic American park.","url":"/GMA/video/mice-linked-hantavirus-outbreak-yosemite-national-park-17189872","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}